How long does Doc Popcorn last?

How long does Doc Popcorn last?

Our popcorn is made to order & contains no preservatives. To ensure peak freshness, please consume within 2 weeks of receiving order.

How much does Doc Popcorn cost?

Doc Popcorn Menu Prices

Item Price Change
Pop Bucket 1/2 Gallon of (8 cups) Fresh Popped gourmet delicious Doc Popcorn in your choice of flavor! $10.20 +$0.13 +1.29%
Big Tin Three and 1/2 Gallons (56 cups) of Fresh Popped delicious gourmet Doc Popcorn in your choice of 3 flavors! $37.53 – –
Pop Tub
Pop Tub $15.07 +$0.01 +0.07%

Who owns Doc Popcorn?

Renee Israel, co-founder of Doc Popcorn, which she and her husband and co-founder Rob Israel sold to the parent of Dippin’ Dots five years ago, is chief franchise officer of the venture. A second brand under Butterfly’s umbrella, Lemonade restaurants, will be teed up for franchising in 2021, Israel said.

How many people does a 2 gallon popcorn tin feed?

2 gallon gold popcorn tin – sealed for maximum freshness. Great for parties of approximately 25 people.

Can you refill Garretts popcorn?

Yes, we offer refills on our 1 gallon, 2 gallon, 3.5 gallon, and 6.5 gallon popcorn tins (sorry, no bag refills). Refills are available in-store only.

Is Doc Popcorn peanut free?

Using 100% corn oil, proprietary flavor blends and other high-quality ingredients, Doc Popcorn handcrafts a wide variety of fresh-popped specialty flavors of popcorn. Doc Popcorn’s delicious flavors are gluten-free, whole grain, wheat-free and nut-free.

How do you keep tin popcorn fresh?

Sealed tins can stay fresh for a 3 weeks. We recommend keeping your popcorn inside their original tins or bags, and keeping them tightly sealed & stored in a cool, dry place.

How do you keep popcorn flavor fresh?

By putting popcorn in the freezer, it stays good for days at a time, even weeks. Yes, that’s right, keep your popped corn in the freezer. Popcorn never freezes and never turns stale when stored this way. Just put the popcorn into a sealed bag and stick it right in the freezer.

Does Garrett Popcorn expire?

It should stay fresh for 10 days in a Tin as long as you don’t open it. We recommend storing it in a cool, dry place to be safe.

Is Doc Popcorn gluten free?

Doc Popcorn’s flavors are whole grain, gluten-free and nut-free with dairy-free and sugar-free options available.

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