How many candidates are selected in CAT?

How many candidates are selected in CAT?

There are almost 2 Lakh candidates take the exam every year and more than 5000 seats are offered by the 20 IIMs currently functioning in India….CAT Exam Key Highlights.

Name of the examination Common Admission Test (CAT)
Number of candidates appearing for exam Nearly 2 Lakhs candidates every year

How many candidates applied for IIM?

In 2020, about 2.30 lakh candidates applied for the exam and 1.90 lakh candidates appeared for it. In CAT 2019, the total number of applications received was 2.44 lakh while over 2.09 lakh candidates took the exam.

What is the passing rate of CAT?

Standard of Pass A Candidate of Entry Level shall be declared to have passed in the Examination if he secures minimum 40% marks in each paper and an aggregate of 50% of total marks.

How many slots are there in CAT exam?

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CAT 2021 Exam Components CAT 2021 Pattern
Test duration 2 hrs (120 Minutes)
Test sessions/Slots 3 (Morning, Afternoon and Evening)
Total questions 64 to 68 (Expected)
Total score 192 to 204 (Expected)

How many cats cleared 2021?

Around 1.92 lakh candidates appeared for the exam out of 2.30 lakhs registered eligible candidates. The overall attendance was approximately 83%….Please Fill You Information Here!

Activity Important Dates
CAT 2021 Exam date November 28, 2021
CAT 2021 Answer Key Release Date December 4 or 5, 2021 at 10 AM

Can I get into IIM with 95 percentile?

As you have an average academic records and no work exeperience then With 95+ percentile you can get calls from ultra new IIMs like IIM sambalpur, IIM Nagpur etc.

How many students qualify CAT every year?

Common Admission Test

Acronym CAT
Offered Once a year (usually in November/December).
Countries / regions 100+ cities and towns all over India.
Languages English
Annual number of test takers 191,660 in CAT 2021

Which slot is toughest in CAT?

CAT Exam Paper Analysis 2020

Slots CAT Analysis 2020
CAT Exam Slot 2 Analysis Moderately-Difficult DILR Section – Most Difficult VARC Section- Moderate QA Section- Moderate (tougher than 2019)
CAT Exam Slot 3 Analysis Moderately-Difficult DILR Section- Toughest VARC Section- Difficult QA Section- Moderate

Is slot 3 CAT Hard?

Last year CAT exam analysis (Slot 3) As per slot 3 paper, the Verbal and DILR were moderately difficult. No surprises were there in the number of questions. It remained the same as CAT Slot 1 and CAT Slot 2 i.e. 66 which means VARC – 24, DILR – 20, QA – 22.

Who topped CAT?

CAT 2021 Toppers

Sr. No. Name of Topper Overall CAT Percentile of Topper
1. Maruti Konduri 100
2. Rahul Sharma 100
3. Suneet Kumbhat 100
4. Parth Chowdhary 99.99

Is CAT 2021 easy?

According to the students who appeared in the CAT exam, the overall difficulty level of CAT 2021 was moderate to difficult. Rohan Kapoor, who took CAT 2021 slot 1, says, “The exam was moderately difficult. He was able to attempt all the questions. Few questions in quant and VARC took more time than expected.”

How many students appeared for the cat 2021 exam?

Confirming the number of actual CAT 2021 test takers, IIM Ahmedabad faculty and convener of CAT 2021 exam, Prof M P Ram Mohan has shared, ÔÇťAround 1.92 lakh candidates appeared for the exam out of 2.30 lakhs registered eligible candidates. The overall attendance was approximately 83%.

What is the total number of candidates in cat 2021?

The total number of candidates in CAT 2021 has dropped down to 1.92 lakhs, a decrease of more than 16 percent as compared to last year. As a comparison, CAT 2020 had received 2.3 lakh registrations. The number of applicants in CAT 2021 has been released after the CAT 2021 application process concluded on November 28 in three different slots.

How competitive is the CAT exam?

CAT Exam Info CAT exam is a highly competitive exam and almost a quarter of a million students appear for it every year. Only a handful of the total applicants make it their preferred institute. For the CAT exam, it is important to note certain details before registration.

How to register for the CAT exam?

CAT exam registration is only available online. The application form is released by the conducting IIM on the official CAT website and applicants are required to fill out the details. The CAT 2019 registration is expected to start from 8 th August and will continue till 19 th September.

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