How many original Skylanders are there?

How many original Skylanders are there?

These are the original 32 Skylanders characters from Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure.

What are the different types of Skylanders?

There are ten main elements: Air, Earth, Dark, Fire, Life, Light, Magic, Tech, Undead, and Water. Each Skylander, Trap, playable Villain and Vehicle is associated with one of these elements, and it affects what they can do in the games.

How do you find out your Skylander name?

The first thing anyone who knows Skylanders will tell you to do is look at the base color….These include:

  1. Green – Spyro’s Adventure.
  2. Orange – Giants.
  3. Blue – SWAP Force.
  4. Red – Trap Team.
  5. Engine – SuperChargers.
  6. Clear – Eon’s Elite*

Who is the most powerful Skylander?

If you are looking for the highest ranking characters in terms of stats, here are the top four:

  • Ignitor (max strength)
  • Stealth Elf (max agility)
  • Chop-Chop (max armor)
  • Trigger Happy (max luck)

What are the names of all the Skylanders?

Bash. Boomer. Camo. Chop Chop.

  • Cynder. Dino-Rang. Double Trouble. Drill Sergeant.
  • Drobot. Eruptor. Flameslinger. Ghost Roaster.
  • Gill Grunt. Hex. Ignitor. Lightning Rod.
  • Prism Break. Slam Bam. Sonic Boom.
  • Stealth Elf. Stump Smash. Sunburn.
  • Trigger Happy. Voodood. Warnado.
  • Whirlwind. Wrecking Ball. Zap.
  • What are all the fire type Skylanders names?

    Skylanders SWAP Force. Blast Zone. Fire Bone Hot Dog (S2) Fire Kraken. Fryno. Lava Barf Eruptor (S3) Smolderdash. Smolderdash LightCore.

    What are all the names of Skylander Giants?

    – Nort – A Mabu who encounters the Skylander in Shattered Island. He is one of the Mabu soldiers that joined the Mabu Defense Force. – Rizzo (voiced by John Kassir) – A Mabu who encounters the Skylanders in Shattered Island. – Snuckles (voiced by Cam Clarke) – A Mabu who is the first character the Skylanders meet.

    Can I name every Skylander?

    Welcome, Portal Master, to the Skylander Finder! A complete database of compatibility information, character pictures and statistics, this finder is a powerful tool – but it’s easy to get started! All you need to do is click on one of the buttons below – click Game, and then choose a game to see a list of all Skylanders both from, and compatible with that game; click Type to browse by figure

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