How many stations are in Ahmedabad?

How many stations are in Ahmedabad?

Q) How many stations are there in Ahmedabad district? A) There are a total of 67 stations in Ahmedabad district.

What is the station name of Gujarat?

List of Major Railway Station In Gujarat

Code Station Name
ADI Ahmedabad Junction
ANND Anand Junction
BH Bhavnagar Terminus
BVC Bhavnagar Terminus

What is Ahmedabad JN and Ahmedabad MG?

Ahmedabad Junction MG (अहमदाबाद जंक्शन (मीटर गेज) / અમદાવાદ જંક્શન), station code ADIJ, is a railway station in Ahmedabad district of the Indian state of Gujarat, India. It is under the administrative control of the Ahmedabad Division of the Western Railway zone of the Indian Railways.

Which is next station after Ahmedabad?

Top 10 stations in District – Ahmadabad

Station Name Distance
1 Ahmedabad Jn (ADI) Dist – Ahmadabad (Gujarat)
2 Viramgam Jn (VG) Dist – Ahmadabad (Gujarat) 57 kms
3 Sabarmati Bg (SBIB) Dist – Ahmadabad (Gujarat) 5 kms
4 Mani Nagar (MAN) Dist – Ahmadabad (Gujarat) 2 kms

How many stations are there in Gujarat?

There are about 149 Train Station/Junction in the state of Gujarat.

What is Ahmedabad Jn Adi means?

Ahmedabad Junction railway station
Ahmedabad Junction railway station (station code: ADI) is the main railway station of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It is also the biggest railway station within Gujarat and also one of the major railway station in India. It is the highest income-generating division in Western Railways.

How far is Ahmedabad airport from railway station?

roughly 11 kms
Distance between Ahmedabad airport to railway station is 11m( 7Km 42mtrs). So you can easily catch your train. Also from taxi stand you can easily pick taxi to reach your destination within stipulated time. Ahmedabad airport to station is roughly 11 kms (not miles).

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