How much does urgent care cost without insurance in Colorado?

How much does urgent care cost without insurance in Colorado?

Visit One of Our Denver Urgent Care Clinics Even without health coverage, our patients pay just $150 for a basic visit to see a doctor. That’s about the same as the urgent care co-pay for a lot of health insurance plans.

What is the average cost of an urgent care center visit in the US?

between $150 and $200
The average urgent care visit costs between $150 and $200, according to, a financial consulting organization serving the public. Factors such as where you receive urgent care and the type of care needed to diagnose and treat your symptoms influence your actual cost.

Is Denver Health free?

Denver Health’s primary service area for self-pay, or uninsured patients, is the City and County of Denver. Residents of the City and County of Denver, are eligible to receive services as a self-pay patient. For certain medical services, the limitation to City and County of Denver does not apply.

Can a hospital refuse to treat you if you have no insurance?

While a doctor has every right to deny treatment for various reasons, they can’t refuse to treat a person with life-threatening or serious injuries even if they don’t have health insurance or the ability to pay. Call a personal injury attorney if you have concerns about medical care that was denied to you.

Is Denver Health a magnet hospital?

We are an aspiring Magnet® organization with a focus on quality care delivery.

Is Denver Medicaid a health?

Health First Colorado, administered by Denver Health Medicaid Choice (DHMC), is for individuals who live in Denver, Jefferson, Arapahoe, or Adams counties. As a DHMC member, you can get care at the Denver Health downtown campus as well as any of Denver Health’s nine family health centers throughout metro Denver.

How much does it cost to go to the ER in the US?

Average Cost for ER Visits In 2019, the average cost for an ER visit by an insured patient was $1,082. Those who were uninsured spent an average of $1,220. Average costs can vary by state and illness but range from $623-$3,087.

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