How much horsepower does a Ultima GTR have?

How much horsepower does a Ultima GTR have?

Ultima GTR
Engine 5.7L Ford/Chevrolet Pushrod V8 7.0L General motors LS7 V8 6.3L Chevrolet Small-Block V8 6.4L American Speed V8
Power output 350 PS (257 kW; 345 hp) (GTR) 564 PS (415 kW; 556 hp) (GTR 500) 542 PS (399 kW; 535 hp) (GTR 535) 649 PS (477 kW; 640 hp) (GTR 640) 720 PS (530 kW; 710 hp) (GTR 720)

How much does a Ultima GTR cost?

The Ultima RS, however, can be yours as an assembly project kit for a price “around the same ballpark price as a mundane new BMW M3, depending on options selected.” This puts it at somewhere around the US$120,000 mark, in its lowest state of tune, which still makes a very decent 430 horsepower, hitting 60 mph (98 km/h) …

How fast can a Ultima GTR go?

230 mph
Performance. The Ultima GTR 720 is capable of doing 0-60 mph in 2.6 seconds and a top speed well above 230 mph (370 km/h).

How much does a Ultima cost?

around $120,000
Ready to play like you’re racing at Le Mans and take this land-based rocket for a spin? The top-end Ultima RS is priced at around $120,000, and you can visit the Ultima Sports website for more details.

How much is an Ultima kit?

British supercar-maker’s latest creation boasts monstrous power, updated chassis, big aero and pricing from just $110,000.

How much is a Ultima RS kit?

The top-end Ultima RS is priced at around $120,000, and you can visit the Ultima Sports website for more details.

What is the fastest Ultima?

the Ultima GTR
The Ultima Factory proved beyond any doubt that the Ultima GTR is the fastest accelerating and decelerating road car on the planet by setting a new world record time of 9.8 seconds for the 0-100mph-0 sprint.

How much is an Ultima Evo?

It is sold both as a kit car, which the buyers build themselves, or as a complete vehicle, built at the factory, and is available in either a coupé or a convertible bodystyle. The range-topping supercharged LS-powered model is reported to cost £95,995 ($122,332). Ultima Sports Ltd.

Who makes the Ultima GTR?

Ultima Sports Cars Ltd
Ultima Sports Cars Ltd may not be immediately recognisable to casual motoring enthusiast, but they happen to be one of the most successful independent sports car manufacturers around – and have been in business since 1983.

What kind of engine does an Ultima GTR have?

Ultima focused their marketing efforts on record-breaking activities using a model equipped with a 640 bhp (649 PS; 477 kW) American Speed engine, called the Ultima GTR640, and subsequently, a 720 bhp (730 PS; 537 kW) at 6700 rpm and a maximum torque of 855 N⋅m (631 lb⋅ft; 87 kg⋅m) at 4400 rpm Chevy V8 engine called the GTR 720.

Is the Ultima GTR faster than a Bugatti?

The Ultima GTR was independently timed around the Top Gear test track and found to be a blistering 6.2 seconds per lap faster than the £450,000 Ferrari Enzo and 4.0 seconds per lap faster than the £1.5million Bugatti Veyron SS!

Is the GTR the fastest Supercar of all time?

If you must know one thing, it is that the GTR is the quickest accelerating and decelerating supercar of all time and a multiple world speed record holder.

What kind of car is a Nissan Ultima?

The car was available both in kit form and as a “turnkey” (i.e. assembled by the factory) vehicle until early 2015, when it was replaced by the Ultima Evolution. The design is mid engined, rear wheel drive layout, with a tubular steel space frame chassis and GRP bodywork. A convertible version called the Ultima Can-Am was also produced.

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