How often do you get VIPs in Tiny Tower?

How often do you get VIPs in Tiny Tower?

It becomes slightly easier to collect Bux. When you tap on the ad invitation button, the ad does not play but a tiny amount of Bux comes in instantly. In newer game versions, this was replaced by Free Offers. Purchasing VIP now gives the player 20 free Bux every 5 minutes without any ads!

What VIPs are there in Tiny Tower?

Types of VIPs

  • Construction. A Construction VIP will take 3 hours off the construction time of the floor they are sent to.
  • Big Spender. A Big Spender VIP will buy out the entire stock of a random item which still has stock in the floor you have sent him to.
  • Delivery.
  • Real Estate Agent.

How do you get celebrity VIPs on Tiny Tower?

Overview. VIPs might randomly appear in your lobby if there is room. You can tap the lobby, then the VIP, to put him or her into your elevator. Then you can deliver that VIP to the floor of your choice.

What does makes dream worker mean in Tiny Tower?

This picture shows the green emoticon that indicates a bitizen in a dream job. A Bitizen’s ‘Dream Job’ is their preferred job in the Tiny Tower. If a Bitizen is placed in their Dream Job, they get the green mood emoticon. Also, you can get up to five Bux.

How do you get free golden tickets on Tiny Tower?

Gold Tickets are the newest addition in Tiny Tower 3.0. 0 and are obtainable by rebuilding your tower and by the hourly raffle. These can be used to give a floor free and instant stocking or maximizing and should always be prioritized over Bux.

What happens if you time travel in Tiny Tower?

Yes, since version 2.0, when ever the game detects that the time was moved backwards, one of the bitizens will be lost due to “a horrific time traveling accident”. The bitizen is chosen randomly, so It can be a bitizen occupying a dream job. Also, be careful of when you chose to revert the time back.

How do you farm golden tickets in Tiny Tower?

Obtaining Gold Tickets Gold tickets can only be earned by rebuilding your tower. When you rebuild, you will receive 1 gold ticket for each 50 floors you have (i.e. 50 floors = 1 ticket, 100 floors = 2 tickets, etc). Since version 3.0. 3, tickets can be obtained by entering the hourly raffle in the menu.

How do you use Dreamworker VIP?

You can store up to 5 VIPs at one time. To use a VIP, tap on the lobby and select the VIP you want. You can redeliver a VIP back to the lobby once it is in the elevator to save it for later.

Is it worth rebuilding Tiny Tower?

Generally, a rebuild is always worth it in the early stages of the game. It’s recommended to rebuild straight away at floor 50, as it will take longer getting to floor 100 than getting back up to 50. The Golden Tickets will also make gameplay much easier over time.

What is the fastest way to get golden tickets in Tiny Tower?

How do you empty the piggy bank in Tiny Tower?

The piggy bank holds up to 5,000 Bux (soft cap) and can be emptied by clicking on the empty piggy in-app purchase.

What is the fastest way to get Bux in Tiny Tower?

Instantly stock all floors by tapping “Rush All” at the bottom of the tower. Instantly move a Bitizen into an empty apartment space. Tap on the floor you wish to move Bitizens into and select For Rent X Bux….Uses for Bux.

Bux Spent Coins Earned
2,000 1/4 of the 4,000 Bux offer
4,000 Cost to build the next floor

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