Is a Mossberg 410 good for home defense?

Is a Mossberg 410 good for home defense?

410 shotguns are poorly suited for self defense applications. When fired from . 410 shells, birdshot payloads are quite small when compared to larger shot shells, the pellets tend to spread apart relatively quickly and they do not penetrate deeply enough to reliably stop a threat.

How many shells does a Mossberg 500 410 hold?

The standard model holds five 2.75-inch (70 mm) or five 3-inch (76 mm) shells in the magazine and one in the chamber. The Model 500 is available in 12 gauge, 20 gauge, and . 410 bore, with the 12 gauge being the most popular and having the most optional features available.

How many rounds does a Mossberg 410 hold?

Now Mossberg delivers the ultimate lightweight and low‐recoiling home defense platform with the announcement of the 590 Shockwave in . 410 bore. This compact firearm features a 14‐inch barrel length; Raptor® pistol grip; strapped forend; impressive 6‐round total capacity; and weighs in at a mere 4.24 pounds.

Is the Mossberg 500 tactical cruiser a pump action shotgun?

The Mossberg 500 Tactical Cruiser is a durable pump action pistol grip shotgun, with all of the features of a traditional 500. This 6-shot .410 Gauge model features dual extractors, positive steel-to-steel lockup, twin action bars, and an anti-jam elevator to ensure smooth operation.

What kind of gun is a Mossberg 410?

Mossberg .410 is ideal for the beginning shooter and even those veteran shooters looking to have a little retro fun. Manufacturer : O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc.,

Is a 410 shotgun better as a club than a firearm?

Some people believe that unless your front door is being kicked in by a squirrel, your .410 shotgun is more useful as a club than a firearm. I say, don’t break into my house to find out. My favorite home defense/travel companion is my Mossberg Cruiser in 410 bore (NOT gauge, dammit) shotgun.

Are Mossberg shotguns any good?

But shotguns have really been Mossberg’s bread and butter for decades, and here we find pumps, over-unders, side-by-sides, and a plethora of semi-autos that collectively provide a specific model for just about any shooting sport. The name “Mossberg” has always represented quality and value, and the Model 500 pump-action is a good example.

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