Is actress Polly Bergen still alive?

Is actress Polly Bergen still alive?

September 20, 2014Polly Bergen / Date of death

Who is Polly Bergen married to?

Jeffrey Enderveltm. 1982–1990
Freddie Fieldsm. 1956–1973Jerome Courtlandm. 1950–1955
Polly Bergen/Spouse

How tall is Polly Bergen?

5′ 5″Polly Bergen / Height

How old was Polly Bergen when died?

84 years (1930–2014)Polly Bergen / Age at death
Polly Bergen, an actress, singer and businesswoman who won an Emmy Award in 1958 for her portrayal of the alcoholic torch singer Helen Morgan and was nominated for another 50 years later for her role on “Desperate Housewives,” died on Saturday at her home in Southbury, Conn. She was 84.

Who is Polly Bergen’s daughter?

Pamela FieldsPolly Bergen / Daughter
Bergen’s marriages to actor Jerome Courtland, agent Freddie Fields and entrepreneur Jeff Endervelt ended in divorce. Her survivors include daughter P.K. Fields and son Peter Fields, the children she adopted with her second husband; stepdaughter Kathy Fields Lander; and three grandchildren.

Who is Polly Bergen sister?

Barbra BergenPolly Bergen / Sister

Who is Polly Bergen’s children?

Pamela Fields
Peter Fields
Polly Bergen/Children

Where is Polly Bergen from?

Knoxville, TNPolly Bergen / Place of birth

What kind of disease did Bob Saget have?

Gay Saget died from scleroderma, an autoimmune disease where excess collagen causes tissue to lose its elasticity, in 1994. She was 47. The comedian and LaPook discussed the disease and how Saget used humor to cope with his loss.

Where did Polly Bergen go to school?

Compton High SchoolPolly Bergen / Education

Why is Polly Bergen famous?

Also during the 1950s, she became a regular on the popular game show To Tell the Truth. Bergen published the first of her three advice books, The Polly Bergen Book of Beauty, Fashion and Charm in 1962. That led to her own cosmetics company, which earned her millions.

What is the life expectancy of a person with scleroderma?

People who have localized scleroderma may live an uninterrupted life with only minor symptom experiences and management. On the other hand, those diagnosed with an advanced and systemic version of the disease have a prognosis of anywhere from three to 15 years.

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