Is garapa wood good for decking?

Is garapa wood good for decking?

Garapa is Well-Suited to Outdoor Projects Garapa hardwood is very suitable for a wide variety of outdoor projects, which make them an excellent choice when you’re looking to build a durable, beautiful, and long-lasting outdoor structure or deck.

How long will a garapa deck last?

30+ year
Garapa Decking Very durable and naturally resistant to decay and insects. Offers up to 30+ year lifespan.

What colour is garapa wood?

Garapa wood has a beautiful color that varies from light yellow to deep golden brown. Homeowners love the look of this popular wood, which can be used for siding, decking, fences, furniture, and more. With its fine-to-medium texture and straight grain, garapa is considered fairly easy to work with.

Is garapa the same as Ipe?

While Ipe is considerably harder than Garapa wood, Garapa is nearly one and a half times harder than Oak. The extreme hardness of Ipe and Garapa decking make either decking material a great option for a scratch resistant deck.

Is garapa a hardwood?

Garapa is one of the finest quality exotic hardwood that is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insect attack. Garapa is naturally slip and scratch resistant which allows the surface to remain smooth for many years, making Garapa a perfect wood for exterior decking.

Can you stain garapa wood?

A good rule of thumb is to oil your garapa once a year. You should use a product that is specifically formulated for exterior hardwoods. There are two options: water-based deck stains and oil-based deck stains.

How do you clean a garapa deck?

Generally, this type of flooring can be cleaned with a simple brush or with high pressure water, and it is not recommended to place objects that are too hot such as barbecues, boiling pots, torches or the like directly on the flooring without the use of protections.

Do you need to oil garapa?

Garapa is naturally rich in tannins and essential oils that prevent the formation of mold and fungi and the attack of insects. No special treatment is needed to preserve the integrity of the wood, although it is highly recommended to oil the boards to prevent the alteration of color due to constant sun exposure.

How do you maintain garapa wood?

Does garapa need to be stained?

Some types of Garapa even have streaks of brown on them. Apply a tinted finisher on the wood to retain its natural hue if you wish. If you let Garapa decking be exposed to the sun without a UV finisher, its color will turn to classic gray.

How do you maintain a garapa deck?

Clean off your deck. Depending on how dirty it is, you may just need to sweep it, or pressure washing may be required. If you are washing it down with a cleaner and brightener or pressure washing the garapa, be sure you give it enough time to properly dry before applying the oil.

How do you seal wood in garapa?

Best Sealer: – Ipe Seal End Grain Sealer is specially formulated for hardwood decks and is applied to all the ends of your boards. Every time you cut a Garapa board, you need to apply this sealer to prevents cracking and checking of your decking. One quart of this product can be used for up to 130 boards.

Do you have to oil garapa?

Why choose garapa decking?

Garapa wood shows only minor movement after it is milled. Mataverde® Garapa Decking is kiln dried (KD Garapa) which minimizes any shrinkage and checking. Garapa decking is a great decking material option to provide an all natural real wood deck surface that is just right for you.

What color is garapa wood?

Garapa Wood Color: It has beautiful hues of light yellow to a honey golden brown color, which lighten to a silvery gray with age. Garapa is a naturally durable and scratch-resistant Brazilian timber. This hardwood, which is often compared to ipe, is chosen for its durability, kiln dried performance, and value.

How do you store garapa decking?

Iron Woods® Garapa decking is supplied as kiln dried lumber and is for outdoor use only. Store the wood out of direct sunlight and be sure to keep it dry and off the ground. Allow the wood to acclimate and stabilize to the installation area’s humidity before installing. Garapa will naturally slightly darken on exposure.

What is the best sealer for garapa hardwood decking?

Garapa can also be oiled with a decking sealer with a UV Protectant, such as Penofin Hardwood Formula Penetrating Oil Finish, for a darker and richer appearance on your deck. How Does Garapa hardwood decking compare to other decking options?

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