Is Hykie Berg still married?

Is Hykie Berg still married?

Hykie Berg (born 2 May 1978), is a South African actor. He is best known for the role of ‘Darius du Buisson’ in the television serial Egoli: Place of Gold and role ‘Conrad Bester’ in the soap opera, Binnelanders….

Hykie Berg
Spouse(s) Melissa Jacobs (m. 2013– div.2018) Gerridene (m. 2020)

Who is Hykie Berg wife?

Melissa BergHykie Berg / Wife (m. 2013–2018)

Where was Hykie Berg born?

Pretoria, South AfricaHykie Berg / Place of birthPretoria is one of South Africa’s three capital cities, serving as the seat of the executive branch of government, and as the host to all foreign embassies to South Africa. Cape Town is the legislative capital whereas Bloemfontein is the judicial capital. Wikipedia

Who plays Tracy in binnelanders?

Melinda Brink
Binnelanders (TV Series 2005– ) – Melinda Brink as Tracy – IMDb.

How old is annelize from binnelanders?

Cindy Swanepoel is a 40-year-old actress. Though she was born in Krugersdorp, she moved to and grew up in Pretoria, Gauteng, with her parents.

Who is Marissa in binnelanders?

Ilse Klink
Binnelanders (TV Series 2005– ) – Ilse Klink as Marissa – IMDb.

Who is Jeremy in binnelanders?

Series Cast

Hans Strydom At Koster 3,908 episodes, 2005-2021
Craig Urbani Jeremy 14 episodes
Henrietta Gryffenberg Wendy 14 episodes
Gershwin Mias Jared 14 episodes
Ronel Kriel Helena 14 episodes

Who plays Annalise in Binnelanders?

Cindy Swanepoel
Cindy Swanepoel (born 15 December 1981) is a South African actress. She is best known for her roles in the popular serials Generations, Binnelanders and Egoli: Place of Gold.

Who plays Vicky in Binnelanders?

Series Cast

Hans Strydom At Koster 3,908 episodes, 2005-2021
Melinda Viljoen 140 episodes
Erik Holm Rian 137 episodes
Roxanne Bornman Vicky 116 episodes
Melinda Brink Tracy 114 episodes

Who plays Charles in 7de Laan?

Charles Bouguenon
Born Charles Bouguenon June 30, 1983 South Africa
Nationality South African
Occupation Actor
Years active 2004–present

Who is the new guy in 7de Laan?

For season 23, 7de Laan welcomes Ray Neo Buso who will play the role of Zakhele “Zee” Guliwe and Daniel Coetzee who will play the role of Uys Visagie on the soapie.

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