Is it legal to grow agarwood in India?

Is it legal to grow agarwood in India?

LEGAL STATUS Agarwood is not protected under the Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972. However, it is protected from extraction by state bans (under the Indian Forest Act) and by administrative orders of the state forest departments which vary throughout its range of occurence.

Where do agarwood trees grow?

Abstract. Agarwood, also known as eaglewood or gaharu, is a valuable non-timber forest product which sometimes grows in Aquilaria species. The genus species occur mainly in South and Southeast Asia.

Is it legal to plant agarwood in the Philippines?

It is illegal to trade or log agarwood trees here unless one has a permit from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and that is given only for tree farms, not for gathering from the wild.

What is the best variety of agarwood?

malaccensis and A. crassna are the best-known species that produce agarwood. Aquilaria is derived from the Latin word aquila meaning eagle. Trees of other genera, namely, Gonystylus and Gyrinops, also produce agarwood but are not recognized for production at commercial scales.

How many agarwood trees can I plant per acre?

Answer: The Company envisages to Plant Approx. 395 money generating long-term Trees per 1 Acre, which on harvesting, the yield will be distributed Equally between the Investors & the Company. The Company Shall not wait for extraction of any products from our harvested trees.

How many years does it take to grow agarwood?

Since agarwood formation in natural environment is a very long process which can take up to 10 years, the development of effective induction technology has received a great attention as it is extremely crucial to ensure the stability of agarwood yield from the domesticated Aquilaria trees.

How do you start agarwood plantation?

To attain the need of Agarwood, it is very important to plant more trees to meet the demand. Currently, 20 percent of Agarwood is producing. Cultivation could be done successfully through private nurseries. Identifying Aquilaria containing seed is the first step of cultivation.

How much is a kilo of agarwood in the Philippines?

Agarwood is one of the most expensive raw materials used in perfumery, costing at least P160,000 per kilo in the Philippines.

Is growing agarwood profitable?

Agar tree price per kg in India is Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh as per the agar tree variety, Agarwood farming profit in India is growing day by day. Agarwood tree needs 8-10 year to grow mature whereas mahogany tree needs 10-15 years to grow mature but both tree provides good investment opportunities in tree farming zone.

How long do agarwood trees take to grow?

How long does agarwood take to grow?

How many agarwood trees are in one acre?

Under average condition spacing ranges between 8×8 feet (initially accommodating about 700 plants per acre ) which at later stages i.e., after 8-10 years of growth maintained at 4-5 m by harvesting in phase manner. When the planting is raised with some other forest species the spacing may be given accordingly.

What is Aquilaria agarwood?

Agarwood is the infected wood of Aquilaria. It is a forest tree and reaches a height of 40 meters and 80 centimeters wide approximately. These wild trees become infected by some molds or parasitic fungi called Phialophora parasitica and begin to produce Agarwood in heartwood due to unaffected response to this attack.

How to plant agarwood plantation?

The Agarwood plantation can be done by many people by using techniques of artificial inoculation. With these techniques, one can achieve Agarwood in a short period of time than decades (by natural means). For getting good results, good quality of sapling can be chosen.

How to cultivate Aquilaria seeds?

Identifying Aquilaria containing seed is the first step of cultivation. The process of propagation takes place at the stage of seed maturation. The propagation could be done immediately after bursting as the seeds have short viability and lose its viability when exposed to the atmosphere.

Where can I buy agarwood?

The world’s first cultivated agarwood produced using our technology by farmers in Vietnam is now available and can be purchased from distributers and from the internet. Follow these links for: Additional photographs of Aquilariaand information on agarwood formation

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