Is it worth upgrading jockey wheels?

Is it worth upgrading jockey wheels?

While well-serviced jockey wheels can work for years, there will come a point when these workhorses will need to be replaced. If the teeth on your jockey wheels are heavily worn, then this can negatively affect the quality of your shifting as the teeth can fail to engage.

Are all jockey wheels the same size?

The most important one is the diameter of the jockey wheel. At ATE, we stock six different diameters. The 35mm, 42mm, 48mm, 48mm serrated, 60mm, and 63mm. So, for light weight trailers, a 35mm would be the best fit.

What does an oversized jockey wheel do?

It handles shifting too and it’s important to keep the derailleur on the bike when making a sharp right in a crit race, maybe a bit too close to a curb. This is where things get interesting: oversized pulleys mean a longer distance between the center of the pulley and where the chain runs.

How often should you change jockey wheels?

They are nearly 5 years old so it’s time for a replacement. If your jockey wheels are looking worn out by rust or their teeth have worn away then a replacement is easy. Most jockey wheels can be simply taken off, cleaned, greased and then put back on the bike.

Do ceramic jockey wheels make a difference?

Faster, lighter, and more durable? According to research, a well-made ceramic bearing will roll faster, saving you energy and allowing faster cruising speeds compared to an equivalent steel bearing. This is because the properties of ceramic allow the creation of rounder, smoother bearings.

What size is Alko jockey wheel?

Robust jockey wheel produced by AL-KO. The wheel is made of rubber while the rim is made of steel. The diameter of the wheel is 225 mm and its width is 70 mm.

Do larger jockey wheels make a difference?

bigger jockey wheels will rotate with fewer rpm for a given cadence, so less wear and tear. bigger jockey wheels mean more teeth (bigger circumference), so less wear and tear.

Should jockey wheels spin freely?

So as long as they move freely and don’t bind, a jockey wheel will function fine.

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