Is Lefroy Brooks a good brand?

Is Lefroy Brooks a good brand?

one of the leading manufacturers of classic bathroom fittings. Lefroy Brooks is recognised as one of the leading manufacturers of classic bathroom taps, chinaware and accessories.

Who is Lefroy Brooks?

Lefroy Brooks is the manufacturer of classic British bathrooms. From the late Victorian era through to the beginning of a new millennium, it has produced products that are beautifully made, beautifully practical, and stand the test of time.

How do you clean Lefroy Brooks taps?


  1. Regular cleaning will reduce the formation of limescale and water marks.
  2. After use wipe with a soft cloth and mild soapy water; rinse with clean water then dry with a soft cloth.
  3. Do not use abrasive cleaners or abrasive pads.

Where is Lefroy Brooks manufactured?

Lefroy Brooks is a line of English-style faucets, fixtures, and accessories for the kitchen and bath. They were originally manufactured in the U.K. but today they are made in China. Distribution in the U.S. and Canada is through Lefroy Brooks Plumbing Fixtures, Inc. founded by Warren Pearl in 2009.

Where are Lefroy Brooks taps made?

Massa Carrara
A CENTURY OF CLASSICS All taps are hand cast, hand forged, hand polished and hand assembled. Our luxury goods cover brassware, chinaware, baths and marble consoles produced in Massa Carrara. From our archives we have produced a historically referenced range of essential bathrooms.

How do you take a bath tap apart?


  1. Turn tap on to remove excess water.
  2. Unscrew tap button or grub screws and remove handle.
  3. Unscrew and remove the flange.
  4. Unscrew tap bonnet and spindle assembly with the aid of a tap spanner.
  5. Locate new FIX-A-TAP tap valve, body washer and o’ring.
  6. Lubricate o’ring, tap bonnet and spindle assembly.

How do I stop my bath tap from dripping?

Simply soak the tap in cold water with a small amount of vinegar for a quick fix. Ceramic disc cartridges are built to last for years, however, on rare occasions they cannot be fixed and a new ceramic disc cartridge may be needed which can be supplied by the manufacturer.

How do you remove a bathtub faucet without set screws?

If there is no set screw, you have a threaded tub spout. You can remove your tub spout by twisting it counter-clockwise to see how your existing spout is threaded, if desired, but it is recommended you leave the spout on if you might need to use the tub before your new spout arrives.

How do I remove a bathtub faucet handle?

How to Remove Bathtub Handles

  1. Begin by using a flat-head screwdriver to pry off the handle’s plastic cover (also called the plastic insert or index).
  2. Unscrew the handle screw with a flathead or Phillips-head screwdriver as needed.
  3. Wiggle the handle and pull it off.

Why is my bath tap dripping?

Traditional taps drip because an internal rubber seal, sometimes called a washer, has broken and needs replacing. Monobloc lever taps have ceramic cartridges that will occasionally need to be replaced.

Why does my tap keeps dripping?

The issue is usually the rubber seals – limescale can form on them over time or they may become leaky due to material wear. These seals or O-rings can be replaced quickly and easily. In modern single lever mixers, the built-in cartridge inside the tap may also be the cause of the dripping tap.

Why is my bathroom tap dripping?

How do I unscrew my bathtub faucet?

Open the handles on an adjustable wrench and carefully place it around your faucet. Tighten the wrench around the faucet and slowly rotate the wrench in a counterclockwise motion. Rotate the faucet 2-3 full rotations. This should loosen it up enough so that you can unscrew it with your hand.

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