Is Regency a good gas fireplace?

Is Regency a good gas fireplace?

Regency is one of the most popular gas fireplace manufacturers. Their embrace of the use of cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and their commitment to quality and customer service, their hearth products are in high demand throughout the world.

How can I update my gas fireplace?

To switch things up, you could add blue fire glass, a ceramic fiber charred log set, black volcanic rock cinders, hollyhock birch logs, earth tone mix fire glass, or choose from many other options. New filaments can modernize your gas fireplace and provide fresh enjoyment.

Does Regency make good fireplaces?

Again, Regency and Xtrordinair both produce highly efficient and high-quality fireplaces and offer both contemporary and traditional designs. However, Xtrordinair also offers its customers a service called ‘Design My Fire.

Where are Regency gas fireplaces made?

North America
Regency Fireplace Products Regency gas, wood, and pellet products are proudly made in North America. We use only the finest materials in our manufacturing facilities; taking pride in building a reliable, quality product.

How do I turn on my Regency gas fireplace without the remote?

Today’s modern gas fireplaces are typically controlled with a remote control meaning starting your gas fireplace is as easy as pressing the ‘on’ button on your remote. Without a remote there will typically be an ignition button on the control panel of the fireplace.

How long will a gas fireplace last?

How Long Can a Gas Fireplace Last? Generally speaking, you can get a good ten to fifteen years of use before you need to replace your gas fireplace.

How often should gas fireplace logs be replaced?

Q: How long do gas logs last? A: In the average home, a well-maintained vented log set with ceramic logs will last 10 or more years. A well-maintained vent-free log set with ceramic logs can also last a long time, but, if heavily used, will begin to wear in 3-5 years.

How good are Regency wood stoves?

Highly Efficient Regency wood stoves are over 76% efficient. Using less wood means less chopping, less hauling, and less loading!

Where is the serial number on a Regency fireplace?

Regency & Excalibur gas fireplaces: the serial number decal is located on a plate behind the Vignette surround, mesh barrier, louver or faceplate. Remove the vignette screen on the surround, mesh barrier, or open the bottom louver on the surround or flush louver.

Is Regency A good stove?

Regency wood stoves are over 76% efficient. Using less wood means less chopping, less hauling, and less loading!

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