Is Secretlab Omega a good office chair?

Is Secretlab Omega a good office chair?

Secretlab Omega is a high quality, no-nonsense chair—the pseudo-leather looks and feels very good, and the padding is incredibly firm. I appreciate the Omega’s low-key styling. It looks much less out of place in an office setting than most gaming chairs do. Build quality is extremely good on the Omega.

Do GT Omega chairs come with cushions?

All our chairs are packaged with head pillows and lumbar support cushions. They are specially designed to provide contoured padding which shapes perfectly to support the arch of your back and can be placed exactly where you need them.

What gaming chair do sidemen use?

GT Omega have partnered up with the popular YouTube group The Sidemen to provide fans with a unique and incredible Sidemen branded chair. Using incredible Pro as the base we have created the perfect balance of a premium product and brand.

Is the Titan or omega better?

Again, if your decision is down to the Titan or the Omega, you’ll want to go with the Titan if you’d prefer the built-in lumbar support option, or you’ll want the Omega if you prefer a lumbar pillow. That’s really the main differences between the two chairs.

Why are Secretlab chairs so popular?

On the topic of whether Secretlab’s chairs are worth it, as mentioned at the start, I truly believe they based on their great performance across the board: Build quality, features, comfort, and warranty/ aftercare. Even their resale value is excellent due to how well the chairs age and superb brand recognition.

Where is GT Omega based?

GT Omega is a UK company established in 2009. We are one of the leading brands specialising in gaming products ranging from simulation racing, gaming chairs and accessories for use in eSports and gaming.

How long does GT Omega take to deliver?

1-5 working days
At GT Omega, we aim to despatch products within 1 business day, this is subject to the product being in stock. We will inform you if a product is out of stock or will not be dispatched within this timescale. Delivery usually takes 1-5 working days from date of despatch depending on customers location.

Is Titan more comfortable than Omega?

The Titan comes with a built-in adjustable lumbar support, whereas the Omega comes with a velour lumbar pillow. In my personal opinion, I think the Titan’s built-in lumbar support is the more comfortable option.

Are Secretlab chairs overrated?

Let’s jump straight to my verdict first. Overall, yes, I believe Secretlab chairs are well worth it, having personally tried over 2 dozen gaming chairs from all the major gaming chair brands in the last two years.

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