Is there service in NYC subway?

Is there service in NYC subway?

Nearly all underground subway stations in New York City will have cellular service on Monday, a year ahead of schedule, according to city and state officials. Commuters will be able to text or call people from subway platforms underground.

What time is MTA rush hour?

Morning “rush” is usually from 7am to 10am, while evening rush begins before 5pm and can last until 8pm. During these times, the subway cars can get pretty crowded and the commute can become somewhat stressful.

Do cell phones work in subways?

Re: Do cell phones work in the subway? If you’re on an elevated train or going over a bridge, they definitely work. If you’re underground, they might work for a couple of moments if you’re at one of the shallower stations, as was said.

Do subways go in both directions?

Heading into the Subway This means exactly what you think it means – the train goes in two directions, up and down. This does not necessarily mean that the train is going North or South, but if you look at a subway map, you can get a good idea for which way is up and which way is down on a line.

Does Verizon work in subway NYC?

With daily ridership at more than 5 million, the subway is a way of life for many in New York City. And now, riders on the New York City subway system will have access to Verizon Wireless’ voice, and 3G and 4G LTE data services while in certain stations or on platforms.

How do you greet customers at subway?

– All customers must be greeted with a “Welcome to Subway” greeting as they walk through the door. Customers must be treated in a professional manner, be patient with customers, even if they are giving you trouble. Last but not least, remember that the customer is always right.

Does data work in subway?

The MTA worked with New York-based company, Transit Wireless, to launch the full cellular voice and data connections for AT customers. AT customers are now able to use their phones and other cellular devices while riding on the L subway line under the East River, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday.

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