What can we do at Langkawi cable car?

What can we do at Langkawi cable car?

Located at the top of the magnificent Mat Chinchang mountain, the stunning views you will get from up here are arguably and possibly the best you’ll get in Langkawi. The cable bridge is the perfect spot to get 360 degree views of the sprakling Andaman Sea and the beautiful tropical rainforest.

How long does Langkawi cable car take?

around 15 minutes
The total length is 2.2 km (1.4 mi), with a journey time from the base to the top of around 15 minutes. It was officially opened in 2003. Langkawi Cable Car is located just north of Telaga Harbour, Pantai Kok, with the entrance within ‘Oriental Village’ at the foothill of the Mat Chincang mountain range.

How do I get to Langkawi Skybridge?

Getting to the Sky Bridge The bridge is located at the peak of Mt. Mat Cincang. You will need to take the Cable Car Ride from Oriental Village in Pantai Kok area, go up to the top station and then access the bridge through a stairway. That is the only way you can reach the skybridge.

How long is the Langkawi Sky Bridge?

410′Langkawi SkyBridge / Total length

How much did the Langkawi Sky Bridge cost?

The bridge roughly cost $1.2 million to construct. The bridge was constructed in 12 months between August 2003 and August 2004. It was opened to the public in February 2005.

How much did Langkawi Sky Bridge cost?

How do you get to SkyBridge Langkawi?

Which country has most cable cars?

Bolivia Deploys the World’s Largest System of Cable Cars.

How do cable cars work?

The gripman operates the car through a switch at the end of the line. After applying the brakes, the gripman and conductor switch places, and the cable car goes in the other direction. The switch at the terminal has a spring on it to keep it aligned with the departure track, thus preventing possible derailments.

Why was the Langkawi Sky Bridge built?

Constructed in 2005, the steel skybridge is a pedestrian thoroughfare that allowed visitors to take a scenic stroll high above the lush forests of the Gunung Mat Chinchang mountain.

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