What Covenant is best for ret pally PvP?

What Covenant is best for ret pally PvP?

Best Covenant for Retribution Paladin in PvP

  • Kyrian is the best Covenant to choose. This gives you strong abilities that increase your survivability from Soulbinds, such as Phial of Serenity.
  • Necrolord is another good Covenant if you want to have more survivability.

What’s the best talents for ret Paladin?

Best Retribution Paladin Talents

  • Level 15: Zeal.
  • Level 25: Blade of Wrath.
  • Level 30: Fist of Justice.
  • Level 35: Cavalier.
  • Level 40: Divine Purpose.
  • Level 45: Selfless Healer.
  • Level 50: Sanctified Wrath.

Is ret paladin good in PvP Classic?

With plate armor, an array of powerful cooldowns, and strong single-target healing, Paladins are one of the best healers for supporting melee and are able to get into the fight without needing to worry about themselves.

Are Paladins good in PvP?

Holy paladins are where it’s at. They have the best survivability of any healer by a mile and some really amazing utility spells like freedom, BoP and a three-in-one dispell/remove disease/de-poison. I’d say they’re the best PvP healers. And healing is what wins group PvP.

Is ret pally good in PvP TBC?

The Ret Paladin is excellent in almost all pvp situations. In 2v2 and 3v3 there are multiple comps that can be built around the ret paladin, while 5v5 its harder to find a place. In Battle grounds, a good ret paladin can be a godsend, with dispels.

Can ret pally heal TBC?

You won’t have strong enough healing for TBC dungeons in ret spec. Not unless you have a good geared grp.

How much hit Do ret paladins need in TBC?

Hit Cap: 9% / 142 rating. With Precision: 6% / 95 Rating.

Where do I get Seal of Vengeance?

Seal of Vengeance is a Paladin seal obtained at 64, intended to replace Seal of Righteousness as the primary tanking seal. Initially it was only available to Alliance Paladins; post 3.0 Horde Paladins receive an equivalent at 66, Seal of Corruption.

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