What does double distilling do?

What does double distilling do?

In double distillation, as the liquid in the still (the wash, which is comprised of water, about 8% alcohol and congeners) boils, the alcohol and flavourful congeners will separate from the water, vaporise and travel up the still into the condenser where they are collected before being distilled once more in the spirit …

Why do you double distill alcohol?

Anyone who has ever done a double or even triple distillation of spirits will know that every time you run the spirits through the still it gets “stronger” – the purity increases, the ABV% percentage rises. Whatever expression your prefer.

Why do you double distill moonshine?

It is best to run it twice because it is easier to make cuts the more alcohol you have in your initial boiler charge – it is easier to make cuts on a 20L charge of low wines @ 25-40% ABV to get 60-80% spirit and water it down for drinking than it is to make cuts on 20L of wash @ 8-14%.

What is double distilled liquor?

Double Distillation: A process whereby an alcoholic liquid is distilled twice, this is standard practice in whisk(e)y production, save for a few examples, including, though not limited to, the Scottish Lowlands and Irish Whiskey.

Why is bourbon distilled twice?

First, bourbon does not command the same price point as scotch, so adding more costs along the way (both time and material) is a problem. Second, due to the continuous stills with multiple layers, the distillation of bourbon actually catches more impurities in the beer still than the scotch does in its wash still.

Why is alcohol triple distilled?

Triple distillation helps to concentrate not only the alcohol, but also lighter, more fruity flavors: heavier, more water-soluble compounds are left behind at every stage. The fermented wash or mash is heated in the first still, which separates the alcohol to a strength of roughly 20%.

Does distilling alcohol make it stronger?

The resulting distillate is called a “low wine,” and is diverted and distilled again in a “spirit still” to increase the alcoholic strength as well as build more flavor. Generally speaking (though not always), the more times a spirit is distilled, the lighter and purer the final product is.

How many times should you distill whiskey?

Most whiskey made in pot stills is either double distilled or triple distilled. Each time a whiskey is heated, condensed, and collected, we call that a distillation. Do it twice and call it a double distillation. Do it three times… you get the idea.

Why is Jameson triple distilled?

Why Is Triple Distilled Better? By distilling the alcohol three times, part of the lighter, more fruity flavors are concentrated: at every stage, more water-soluble compounds are left behind. It is the first still that separates the alcohol by heating the fermented wash or mash, which gives it roughly 20% strength.

Is Grey Goose vodka triple distilled?

Yes, Grey Goose is pure vodka, distilled only once. This billionaire vodka brand uses high-quality wheat and spring water to produce one of the best vodkas in the world.

How do you distill twice?

If you are wanting to double distil the spirit you have collected from your Air Still, we recommend topping up to the 4 L (1.1 US Gal) max line with water. Put the 700 ml (23.7 US fl oz) of alcohol you’ve collected from the first run, back into the boiler and top up to the 4 L (1.1 US Gal) max line with water.

How do you run moonshine twice?

Re: running shine twice question running your product through on its own is a double distill, make sure you dilute the product down to under 40% with water before you rerun it i like to dilute mine down to 30%.

Can you double distill?

Double distillation of you neutral spirit is the most important method you can use to improve the quality and quantity of your finished alcohol. ‚Äč1. Distil your wash as normal, you do not have to discard anything as you will do it on the second distillation anyway.

Which Irish whiskey is double distilled?

Tyrconnell – Double Distilled Irish Single Malt Whiskey.

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