What does TMK mean on a Hummel?

What does TMK mean on a Hummel?

What does TMK Stand For? When you see TMK on a Hummel listing, it refers to the name of the Mark stamped on the figure. TMK-2 refers to the mark with a FULL Bee (dated 1940-1959), While TMK-3 refers to a Stylized Bee (dated 1960-1972)

What is the best thing to collect now?

Cool Things to Collect that are Worth Money

  • Classics. If you are a book-lover – and you most probably are if you were born in an earlier century and millennium – you can start with classics.
  • Coins.
  • Paper money.
  • Stamps.
  • Jewellery.
  • Antique furniture.
  • Cars.
  • Barware.

What is the Hummel full bee Mark?

The Full Bee Mark (TMK-2): 1940-1959 It is thought that the bumblebee part of the mark was derived from a childhood nickname of Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel, meaning bumblebee. The bee flies within a V, which is the first letter of the German word for distributing company, Verkaufsgesellschaft.

Are Goebel and Hummel the same?

The Goebel company carefully controls the production process in order to ensure that a Hummel figurine made in 2010 is exactly the same as one made in 1950. Here’s a brief overview of the process: First, an artwork of Maria Innocentia Hummel was selected for the new figurine.

What does TMK 5 mean?

The Last Bee Mark
The Last Bee Mark (TMK-5): 1972-1979 Actually developed and occasionally used as early as 1970, this major change was known by some collectors as the Last Bee Mark because the next change in the trademark no longer incorporated any form of the V and the bee.

Are Hummels worth anything anymore?

Most used Hummels now sell for no more than $75 in shops, with prices likely to continue to fall as more Hummels reach the market. Other cute little figurines have suffered a similar fate. Precious Moments figurines, sold as collectibles, now have very little monetary value.

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