What happened to Elle Heroes?

What happened to Elle Heroes?

She was killed by Sylar.

What was Kristen Bell’s power in Heroes?

Critical reception towards both the character and Bell’s performance has been positive. Praise was directed towards Elle’s personality as well as her characterization and abilities….

Elle Bishop
Heroes character
Kristen Bell as Elle Bishop
First appearance “Fight or Flight”

What are BOBS powers?

Alchemy: Bob has the ability to change the chemical composition of materials into gold. According to him, he can only turn objects into gold. The amount of mass he can affect at one time is unknown, although he has turned an adult male entirely into gold.

Who is Arthur in Heroes?

Robert Forster
Arthur Patrelli is the main antagonist of Volume Three: Villains in the NBC TV series Heroes. He is the husband of Angela Petrelli, the father of Nathan and Peter Petrelli, and the grandfather of Claire Bennet, and has the ability to steal powers from other people. He was played by the late Robert Forster.

Is FNF Bob real?

Bob is NOT based off a skin made in BEAR created by Cheedaman., despite popular belief. Despite popular belief, Bob is not a trojan virus, it is a FNF Mod.

What was Charles Deveaux power?

Powers. Telepathy: Episode “1961” depicts Charles Deveaux exhibiting powers of telepathy. He demonstrated both the power to probe the minds of others and impose his own thoughts upon large groups of people.

Who is Sylar’s real parents in heroes?

Samson Gray is Sylar’s biological father. He is a evolved human dying of cancer, assumedly lung cancer due to him being seen smoking.

Who created Bob’s onslaught?

Artificial Intelligence: The ARG for Onslaught reveals that Bob was created by an insane man called Lennon Noah who researched AI, possibly being an explanation for Bob’s ability to mess with the game and open up web pages, however the ARG has been stated to not be canon to the Bob continuity (if there is one).

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