What is a coast in simple words?

What is a coast in simple words?

1 : the land near a shore : seashore. 2 obsolete : border, frontier. 3a : a hill or slope suited to coasting. b : a slide down a slope (as on a sled) 4 often capitalized : the Pacific coast of the U.S.

What is synonyms of coast?


  • coastland,
  • coastline,
  • shore,
  • shoreline.

What are the words related to sea?


  • expanse.
  • lake.
  • ocean.
  • pond.
  • surf.
  • abundance.
  • blue.
  • brine.

What is coast Give example?

The coast, also known as the coastline or seashore, is defined as the area where land meets the ocean, or as a line that forms the boundary between the land and the ocean or a lake. The Earth has around 620,000 kilometres (390,000 mi) of coastline.

Why is it called the coast?

The coast also means the land next to the sea, which can also be called the shore, or sea-shore. However, coast is not used to describe where rivers or lakes meet the land – it is only used to describe the sea meeting the land. If a house is near to the coast we say it is “on the coast”.

What means coastal area?

Short definition: Coastal areas are local administrative units (LAUs) that are bordering or close to a coastline. A coastline is defined as the line where land and water surfaces meet (border each other).

What words go with ocean?

Words Associated With the Ocean and Beach

  • cliff – rock face.
  • coast – the edge of a land mass where it meets the sea.
  • coastal – along the coast or near the coast.
  • coastline – the outline of a coast.
  • continental shelf – shallow seabed near a land mass.
  • driftwood – wood that floats in the ocean or has been washed ashore.

How do you describe the sea?

The lapping waves entranced us. The murmuring of the waves was hypnotic. The waves were oozing onto the beach. The palpitating pulse of the sea was steady and peaceful.

What are coasts used for?

Coastal land is used for human settlement, agriculture, trade, industry and amenity. The coastal sea presents problems related to transport, fishing, dumping, mining, etc., stemming from an intensification and diversification of ocean uses.

Is coast land or water?

The coast is the land along a sea. The boundary of a coast, where land meets water, is called the coastline. Waves, tides, and currents help create coastlines.

What is found along the coast?

The boundary of a coast, where land meets water, is called the coastline. Waves, tides, and currents help create coastlines. When waves crash onto shore, they wear away at, or erode, the land. But they also leave behind little parts of the sea, such as shells, sand dollars, seaweeds, and hermit crabs.

How can you describe beach?

A beach is a narrow, gently sloping strip of land that lies along the edge of an ocean, lake, or river. Materials such as sand, pebbles, rocks, and seashell fragments cover beaches. Most beach materials are the products of weathering and erosion.

How are coastlines formed for kids?

In the open ocean waves look like a series of swells. When a wave gets near the shore the wave bottom drags against the sea floor while the top keeps moving. The wave gets narrower and higher and eventually topples over crashing onto the beach face. A beach forms when waves deposit sand and gravel along the shoreline.

How can I describe the ocean?

The ocean is a continuous body of salt water that covers more than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface. Ocean currents govern the world’s weather and churn a kaleidoscope of life. Humans depend on these teeming waters for comfort and survival, but global warming and overfishing threaten Earth’s largest habitat.

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