What is a wizened mean?

What is a wizened mean?

: to become dry, shrunken, and wrinkled often as a result of aging or of failing vitality. transitive verb. : to cause to wizen a face wizened by age. wizen. adjective.

What is an example of wizened?

The definition of wizened is someone or something that is old, shriveled, wrinkled or showing age. An old, wrinkled woman is an example of someone who would be described as wizened.

What are synonyms for wizened?

synonyms for wizened

  • diminished.
  • gnarled.
  • lean.
  • macerated.
  • mummified.
  • old.
  • reduced.
  • shrunk.

How do you use wizened in a sentence?

He shook his head, his gaze taking on a wizened look. Instead we looked on at a wizened old man spinning stories. I felt that I had been abandoned to these strange people with their black robes and wizened old faces !

Is Wisen a word?

No, wisen is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What is the opposite of wizened?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for wizened. freshened, revived.

What does wizened crafty face mean?

(wɪzənd ) adjective. A wizened person is old and has a lot of lines on their skin. [formal]

How do you spell Wisened?

Wisened definition Simple past tense and past participle of wisen.

Is Wisened a word?

No, wisened is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What’s a crafty girl?

Crafty definition The definition of crafty is someone who is sly, clever and deceitful at achieving some goal, or someone or something related to making creative objects.

What does Expostulating mean?

noun. the act of expostulating; remonstrance; earnest and kindly protest: In spite of my expostulations, he insisted on driving me home.

What does smarten up mean?

Definition of smarten up 2 US : to make (someone or something) smarter or more aware Someone needs to smarten him up before he gets in trouble. 3 : to make (someone or something) neat and attractive They smartened themselves up for the party.

What is crafty person?

Definition of crafty 1 : skillful, clever. 2a : adept in the use of subtlety and cunning a crafty swindler The crafty detective got the suspect to confess to the crime. b : marked by subtlety and guile a crafty scheme.

Why is it called crafty?

It is called craft services because it services crafts on set.

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