What is an Illinois style IPA?

What is an Illinois style IPA?

The first Imperial beer of the year is The Illinois, a 8.4% ABV 80 IBU Imperial IPA that pushes the limits of hop flavor and aroma. Deep gold, complex citrus aroma, balanced clean bitterness, medium to full body.

What beer is Illinois known for?


1 Goose Island Bourbon County Stout Goose Island Beer Company (AB-InBev)
2 Goose Island Bourbon County Stout – Vanilla Bourbon Barrel Goose Island Beer Company (AB-InBev)
3 Pips Blue Suede Shews Pips Meadery
4 Revolution V.S.O.J. Revolution Brewing Company (IL, USA)

What does Goose Island IPA taste like?

Flavor: “Sweet grainy malt, lychee, pineapple, orange, lemon. Fleeting but firm bitterness that dissipates quickly from the front of the tongue. The body is light, which allows for the hops to be showcased. The beer finishes with a grapefruit hops bitterness and a slight citrus sweetness.

Is Goose Island IPA a craft beer?

Goose Island helped turn Anheuser-Busch from a Bud Light fire hose into one of the largest sellers of craft beer in the world. It’s not hard to imagine a time when A-B makes more IPA, stout, and pale ale than anyone else out there.

What style of beer is Goose Island 312?

Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale is a bright, lemony and creamy wheat ale that is immensely refreshing. Inspired by the city of Chicago, this craft beer has a spicy aroma of Cascade hops followed by a crisp, fruity flavor.

What is the number one beer in Chicago?

Chicago’s Top-Selling Beer: Modelo Especial.

Do they still make Goose Island 312?

Replacing it will be a new packaged version of Chicago’s Green Line Pale Ale, which for years has been touted as a draft-only, Chicago-only beer. Goose Island confirmed it to us this morning: 312 Urban Pale is done, and Green Line is going nationwide.

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