What is Pnina Tornai real name?

What is Pnina Tornai real name?

Pnina Tornai (Hebrew: פנינה טורנה; born November 25, 1962) is an Israeli fashion and wedding dress designer, reality and daytime TV personality….

Pnina Tornai
Known for Starring on TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress and on American daytime television
Height 1.54 m (5 ft 1 in)
Children 1
Website pninatornai.com

Where are Pnina dresses made?

Pnina Tornai’s gowns are handmade from the finest fabrics imported from Europe and hand sewn in accordance with the principle of Haute Couture. Her collection varies from classic with clean lines and details to sophisticated, hand-embroidered ball gowns.

Where is Pnina Tornai from?

Ramat Hasharon, IsraelPnina Tornai / Place of birth

Are Pnina Tornai dresses expensive?

While custom dresses are Pnina’s specialty and the sky’s the limit (the most expensive custom Pnina Tornai wedding dress was $80,000), Pnina has also created some of our most expensive and luxurious stock samples for brides to try on in store and special order to wear on their wedding day.

How much is a Pnina Ring?

$699 to $19,999
The rings will retail anywhere from $699 to $19,999 and be exclusively available in Jared’s retail stores and online starting today. And if you think her dresses are pretty, you must see these rings. They’re beautifully and intricately designed—just as her couture pieces always are.

Is Pnina Tornai a good brand?

Pnina Tornai is a world-renowned bridal and eveningwear designer and founder of the Pnina Tornai brand, synonymous with luxury bridal and known for her hand-crafted couture gowns with exquisite crystal details.

How much is the average Pnina Tornai dress?

This debut collection, P by Pnina Tornai, includes all of the signature elements the famed designer is known and loved for, but this time, is competitively and accessibly priced—starting at just $2,200.

How old is Pnina Tornai?

Pnina Tornai ( Hebrew: פנינה טורנה; born November 25, 1962) is an Israeli fashion and wedding dress designer, reality and daytime TV personality. Tornai and her wedding gowns have appeared on TLC ‘s reality television show Say Yes to the Dress. Tornai’s dresses have been top sellers at Kleinfeld Bridal. [1]

Who is Pnina Tornai from Say Yes to the dress?

PNINA TORNAI. Pnina Tornai is a globally renowned couture bridal designer, brought in to the spotlight in the U.S. as a star of TLC’s highly successful show, “Say Yes To The Dress.”.

How did Pnina create the first wedding dress?

In 1992, a woman asked Pnina to create a wedding dress inspired by an evening gown the woman saw through a store window. Pnina made the dress in such a perfect manner that it hit the front page of an Israeli newspaper. With this news, other brides-to-be asked her to replicate the gown.

Who is Pnina D’Amelio?

In addition, she is an actress and television personality who has appeared on 19 seasons of TLC’s leading bridal reality show Say Yes to the Dress, as well as many other television programs in the US and worldwide. Pnina has over 20 years of experience working closely with brides to bring their dream dresses to life.

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