What is TechShield used for?

What is TechShield used for?

Techshield® is a roof decking material – usually OSB that has a sheet of aluminum foil laminated on one side. Techshield® is made by LP Building Products or Louisianna-Pacific Corporation and is probably the most popular brand of radiant barrier decking.

What is TechShield radiant barrier?

As the original #1 brand of radiant barrier sheathing, LP TechShield panels’ VaporVents Technology prevents moisture buildup during and after construction while blocking up to 97% of radiant heat in roof panels.

Is radiant barrier OSB worth it?

Is Radiant Barrier OSB Worth It? If you use OSB radiant barrier sheathing, you can reflect up to ninety-seven percent of solar radiation. This amount of solar heat reduction can reduce your attic’s heat by up to thirty degrees Fahrenheit. Radiant barrier roof sheathing can also improve comfort in other areas.

Does TechShield have an R value?

Even though radiant barrier can be attached to some products (like bubble insulation, insulated sheathing, TechShield, and Polar-Ply), the product is achieving the r-value from the non-foil materials.

Does radiant barrier really work?

Some studies show that radiant barriers can reduce cooling costs 5% to 10% when used in a warm, sunny climate. The reduced heat gain may even allow for a smaller air conditioning system. In cool climates, however, it’s usually more cost-effective to install more thermal insulation than to add a radiant barrier.

Is a radiant barrier worth the money?

Are radiant barriers worth it?

What is the R value of radiant barrier?

NO R-value
Radiant barrier on its own has NO R-value; R-value is attributed to materials slowing conductive heat. AtticFoil™ works to block radiant heat (97%) coming in to the attic by stapling it to the rafters, but it has no R-value.

Does radiant barrier insulation Really Work?

Can aluminum foil be used as a radiant barrier?

Aluminum foil has the radiant barrier properties of high reflectivity and low emissivity. That means the foil reflects much of the roof’s heat back upward. The low emissivity property of the foil reduces the amount of heat that the foil radiates on through to the attic insulation below.

What is TechShield sheathing made of?

Only LP TechShield sheathing features a durable layer of aluminum with patented VaporVents™ technology. Post-lamination incising prevents moisture build-up during and after construction, while the OSB substrate promotes breathability and does not create a vapor barrier.

What is TechShield AR coating?

TechShield AR Coatings reduce oncoming headlight glare, and are available with optional UV and blue light defense, adding peace of mind to exceptional performance. Constantly on digital devices?

What is techtechshield® anti-reflective coating?

TechShield ® Anti-Reflective (AR) Coatings provide even better scratch resistance, 1 smudge resistance, 2 and cleanability, 3 upgrading your standard prescription glasses to deliver the ultimate visual experience with looks to match. From a first step to a last-second score, big moments don’t wait for you or your lens cloth.

How much space is needed to install TechShield?

For an LP TechShield installation, space all panel edges 1/8 ̋ minimum. Install with the long dimension across supports and with the panel continuous over two or more spans. End joints should occur over framing.

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