What is the cost of a Telus hub?

What is the cost of a Telus hub?

Get the Smart Hub device Pay $15/month for 24 months with TELUS Easy Payment with 0% interest. Plus get a $120 device subsidy. Taxes and $50 connection fee extra.

Can I take my Telus Smart Hub anywhere?

No. TELUS High Speed Internet with Smart Hub is a fixed internet connection that can only be used at your designated service location.

How can I make my Telus Smart Hub faster?

Slow internet on Smart Hub

  1. Make sure that only 1 device (preferably a laptop or desktop computer) is connected to the Wi-Fi Network to avoid inaccurate results.
  2. Run the test near the hub to avoid interference.

Is Telus hub any good?

So far it works really well only about 1.5 weeks into it, and no issues with cell signal where I’m at West of the city. Very happy with my Telus Hub. Upload at 40 mps and download at 70 mps. We stream lots with Apple TV and Netflix I have no Data usage problems.

What does a Telus Hub do?

TELUS Smart Hub is an easy, out-of-the-box home Wi-Fi solution that you can install in mere minutes. It utilizes the TELUS 5G and LTE Network to provide fixed high speed internet access to rural households and small businesses!

Does Smart Hub cost money?

Is there a charge for using SmartHub? No. The SmartHub service is free!

Why is Telus hub so slow?

When we contacted Telus Tech support they explained that smart hubs are prioritized less than regular cell customers due to Telus’s network traffic shifting policy. As a result this policy can cause low speeds to smart hub customers especially when towers are congested.

Why is Telus Smart Hub so slow?

Why is my TELUS Smart Hub so slow?

Who makes the TELUS Wi-Fi hub?

It is made by Arcadyan. I couldn’t find any more specs on it. I guess the immediate advantage here would be you could enable DFS on one 5Ghz network for devices that support it, and disable it on the second one for legacy devices instead of pushing them onto the 2.4Ghz network.

What does a Telus hub do?

Is a smart hub necessary?

These days, most smart home products actually don’t require a hub, making it simple for anyone to raise their space’s IQ with a simple smart speaker, smart light or smart plug. Companies have developed connectivity features enough to get their products online just through Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi network password.

Does Telus throttle the Smart Hub?

What does TELUS LTE mean?

TELUS’ Networks LTE: LTE (4G) is the standard network on which phones currently operate. It features faster upload and download speeds than HSPA+ networks. LTE-A: The LTE-Advanced network is relatively new and is currently the fastest in Canada.

Is TELUS hub any good?

How many devices can connect to TELUS Smart Hub?

20 devices
Multiple connections Connect up to 20 devices with the Smart Hub or 15 devices with the Mobile Hotspot.

Does smart hub cost money?

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