What is the definition of an exemplum?

What is the definition of an exemplum?

Definition of exemplum 1 : example, model an exemplum of heroism. 2 : an anecdote or short narrative used to point a moral or sustain an argument.

What is an Exemplum in Roman history?

An exemplum (Latin for “example”, pl. exempla, exempli gratia = “for example”, abbr.: e.g.) is a moral anecdote, brief or extended, real or fictitious, used to illustrate a point.

What is the nominative plural of Exemplum?

The plural form of exemplum is exempla.

What does exemplum mean in literature?

exemplum, (Latin: “example,” ) plural exempla, short tale originally incorporated by a medieval preacher into his sermon to emphasize a moral or illustrate a point of doctrine. Fables, folktales, and legends were gathered into collections, such as Exempla (c.

What are some examples of exemplum?

Exemplum: Figure of amplification using an example, brief or extended, real or fictitious, to illustrate a point; an example. “All this stuff you’ve heard about America not wanting to fight, wanting to stay out of the war, is a lot of horse dung. Americans, traditionally, love to fight.

What does Apologue mean in English?

Definition of apologue : an allegorical narrative usually intended to convey a moral.

What piece of literature is short and emphasizes the moral?

Exemplum is a rhetorical device that is defined as a short tale, narrative, or anecdote used in literary pieces and speeches to explain a doctrine, or emphasize a moral point. They are generally in the forms of legends, folktales, and fables.

What is a synonym for exemplum?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for exemplum. fable, parable.

How do you write an exemplum?

Write a beginning, middle, and end. Like all stories, a moral exemplum should have a beginning-middle-end structure. The beginning sets the stage and introduces the characters; the middle introduces a problem, conflict, or danger; and the end shows what happens as a result of that conflict.

What is an Apalog?

An apologue or apolog (from the Greek ἀπόλογος, a “statement” or “account”) is a brief fable or allegorical story with pointed or exaggerated details, meant to serve as a pleasant vehicle for a moral doctrine or to convey a useful lesson without stating it explicitly.

What is a synonym for Apologue?

nounindirect representation, storytelling. apologue. emblem. fable. figuration.

What is the opposite of Hamartia?

Noun. Opposite of tragic flaw. strength. virtue.

What is a Sugilanon?

Philippines Folklore Orality. Editor’s Note: A Sugilanon is a form of story told orally. The power of the Sugilanon or tale depends on the skill and charisma of the narrator as he weaves the details of the story.

What does the word Apologue mean?

What is Apologue in literature?

What is hamartia in the Bible?

Hamartia is sometimes used to mean acts of sin “by omission or commission in thought and feeling or in speech and actions” as in Romans 5:12, “all have sinned”. Hamartia is sometimes applied to the fall of man from original righteousness that resulted in humanity’s innate propensity for sin, that is original sin.

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