What is the definition of latent period?

What is the definition of latent period?

Listen to pronunciation. (LAY-ten-see PEER-ee-ud) The time that passes between being exposed to something that can cause disease (such as radiation or a virus) and having symptoms.

What is the latent period and why does it occur?

The latent period is the time taken by a phage particle to reproduce inside an infected host cell. At the population level in a one-step growth curve, it can be represented as the time taken for the newly formed phage particles to appear in the media.

What is latent period and refractory period?

refractory period the period of depolarization and repolarization of the cell membrane after excitation; during the first portion (absolute refractory period), the nerve or muscle fiber cannot respond to a second stimulus, whereas during the relative refractory period it can respond only to a strong stimulus.

What occurs in latent period?

The latent period, or lag phase, the contraction phase, and the relaxation phase. The latent period is a short delay (1-2 msec) from the time when the action potential reaches the muscle until tension can be observed in the muscle.

What is latent period quizlet?

Latent period- the period of time that elapses between the generation of an action potential in a muscle cell and the start of muscle contraction.

What is latent period of heart?

After an action potential initiates, the cardiac cell is unable to initiate another action potential for some duration of time (which is slightly shorter than the “true” action potential duration). This period of time is referred to as the refractory period, which is 250ms in duration and helps to protect the heart.

What does latent mean in anatomy?

Latent: Hidden, dormant, inactive.

What causes latent period of a muscle twitch?

A twitch occurs when one muscle fiber contracts in response to a command (stimulus) by the nervous system. The time between the activation of a motor neuron until the muscle contraction occurs is called the lag phase (sometimes called the latent phase).

What is the difference between the latent period of a neuron and muscle fiber?

motor unit : a motor neuron with the muscle fiber it innervates. skeletal muscle twitch : respond to a single action potential. electrical stimulus : it make the muscle contract. latent period : period between stimulating and start of constraction.

What is latent period in nerve action potential?

Latent period (epidemiology), the time interval between when an individual is infected by a pathogen and when he or she becomes capable of infecting other susceptible individuals. Muscle contraction, the time between a stimulus to the nerve and the contraction of the muscle.

Why is there a latent period for muscle contraction?

The first phase is the latent period, during which the action potential is being propagated along the sarcolemma and Ca++ ions are released from the sarcoplasmic reticulum. This is the phase during which excitation and contraction are being coupled but contraction has yet to occur.

What is latent period in radiology?

The Latent Period Which Elapses Between the Onset of a Lesion and the Appearance of Radiographic Signs | Radiology.

What is latent period in muscle contraction?

What is latent period of a drug?

5.1 Latency. The latency period is the period between the ingestion of the drug and the onset of symptoms and may provide valuable clues for the correct diagnosis of the potential hepatotoxin.

What does latent effect mean?

Latent effects are those in which exposure is followed by some period of time before a specific response is developed. The majority of xenobiotics exhibits some degree of latency, as most tissues are also not immediately accessible from the site of adsorption and require one of more distribution events.

What is latency in nursing?

the time between the instant of stimulation and the beginning of a response.

What is the latent period quizlet?

What does latent mean in medical terms?

existing in hidden or dormant form
Medical Definition of latent : existing in hidden or dormant form: as. a : present or capable of living or developing in a host without producing visible symptoms of disease a latent virus a latent infection.

Is latent the same as dormant?

Some common synonyms of dormant are latent, potential, and quiescent. While all these words mean “not now showing signs of activity or existence,” dormant suggests the inactivity of something (such as a feeling or power) as though sleeping.

What is happening during the latent period of a muscle contraction quizlet?

what is happening during the latent period? The muscle cells are biochemically preparing to contract, includes all biochemical events from acetylcholine binding to sarcolemma through cross-bridge formation.

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