What is the difference between waeco CFX and CFF?

What is the difference between waeco CFX and CFF?

The main difference is that the CFX Series can really get a deep freeze down to -8ºF. The CFX is also a smart refrigerator. It comes with WiFi capabilities allowing you to adjust the temperature settings using the Dometic App.

Is waeco owned by Dometic?

Dometic has been hiding behind the Waeco label for years, but recently Dometic, the parent brand, decided to bring their label to the forefront of these highly efficient fridges but maintained the Waeco badge for the Australian market.

How many Litres is a Dometic waeco cf50?

Short description:

Capacity: 41 litres (holds 40 cans in the basket)
Dimensions W455 x H471 xD661 mm (D725 with handles)
Weight: 20.4 kg
Power Input 12 / 24 Volts DC 100-240V AC (Approx 60 watts on AC)
Consumption Ave. Power Consumption: 0.77 amps/hr (@ 12V, 5°C interior, 32°C ambient temperature) USB outlet rated @ 5V, 500 mA

Are Secop compressors any good?

SECOP Compressors Perfect if you’re travelling around the hotter parts of Australia. They are also incredibly reliable and because they are very commonplace, they are well known by fridge repair/service agents.

Is Waeco Australian?

Australia’s #1 Online Source for Camping and RV Products Don’t be fooled by our love for Waeco and Waeco fridges.

Where is Waeco made?

The fridge/freezers themselves are made in Thailand. Dometic fridges are made in China and used to have the German “Danfoss” now known as SECOP compressor in them. The CFX range runs a new compressor deloped by the brand that is also made in China.

How long can a fridge stay cool without power?

about 4 hours
Keep the refrigerator and freezer doors closed as much as possible to maintain the cold temperature. The refrigerator will keep food cold for about 4 hours if it is unopened. A full freezer will keep the temperature for approximately 48 hours (24 hours if it is half full) if the door remains closed.

How much is a waeco cf50?

50 Good. This fridge replaced a 3 way so difference is large. Purchased in October 2020 at ALDI for $599.

Are Danfoss and Secop the same?

Danfoss was recently bought out by the German company, Secop, but Secop still maintains the Danfoss manufacturing operation in Denmark. The name Danfoss is a bit of a household word in the marine/RV industry which is why many still refer to this compressor as a Danfoss.

What is the difference between Dometic CFX and CFX3?

The electronics on the Dometic CFX3 range have received a major upgrade from the older CFX series. These fridges are now equipped with Bluetooth functionality which provides increased usability and lower power consumption. Dometic have also stepped up their game with the release of the new Dometic CFX3 app.

Does a Dometic cooler have a battery?

The Dometic PLB40 Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate battery delivers high levels of mobile power – up to 40 hours of Dometic CFX 40W cooling on a single charge. Designed for powering powered coolers and other 12 V appliances while being off-grid.

Can waeco fridges get wet?

Waeco fridges are not waterproof. They are splash resistant, but they are not designed to be heavily wet, soaked or submerged in water. The Waeco manuals point out that you should: Ensure that the ventilation slots are not covered.

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