What is the frequency of Delhi Metro?

What is the frequency of Delhi Metro?

Metro trains will be available at a frequency of 15 minutes on the Yellow Line and Blue Line.

Which technology is used in Delhi Metro?

Delhi Metro has decided to use i-ATS while upgrading the ATS of Red Line i.e. from Rithala to Ghaziabad’s Shaheed Sthal. Also, the same shall be used in Delhi Metro’s Phase 4 project. Following are some key features of this technology: The i-ATS can work with Train Control and Signaling Systems of different suppliers.

Is Delhi Metro automated?

With the opening of the first driverless operations in December, the Delhi Metro had “entered an elite league of world’s seven per cent metros in the world which operate fully automated metro networks,” the DMRC said in a statement on Thursday.

Is Delhi Metro magnetic?

The metro will not have Maglev (magnetic) technology; instead standard gauge on lines of Delhi Metro will be used.

Is Delhi Metro pink line driverless?

India’s first driverless train operation on the Delhi Metro’s Magenta Line (Line 8) was inaugurated on December 28, 2020, by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In another milestone for the DMRC, driverless train operations on 59-km Pink Line (Line 7) was started on November 25 last year.

Is pink line automatic?

The Pink Line is also the second Metro corridor in New Delhi to have driverless train operations. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the country’s first driverless operations on the DMRC’s Magenta Line – connecting Botanical Garden with Janakpuri West – in December 2020.

Does Delhi Metro run on electricity?

More than half of Delhi Metro now runs on solar power coming all the way from Rewa in Madhya Pradesh. This means that 290 trains across 373 kilometers serving 2.6 million passengers in a single day are now green.

Is Delhi Metro profitable?

Before the pandemic, the Delhi Metro posted operational profits (Rs 758 crore in 2019-20), but once its loan amount is factored in, it is in the red. As on March 31, 2022, the Delhi Metro repaid Rs 8,199 crore of its loan, of which Rs 4,002 crore was interest alone.

Is Delhi Metro Electric?

Construction on Phase IV was formally started on 30 December 2019. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited (DMRC), a company with equal equity participation from the Government of India and the Government of Delhi, built and operates the Delhi Metro….

Delhi Metro
Electrification 25 kV 50 Hz AC overhead catenary
System map

How does the ventilation of Metro Rail take place?

The open system congested ventilation shall be via a ‘push-pull’ effect where tunnel vent fans behind the train are operated in supply and tunnel vent fans ahead of the trains are operated in exhaust mode. Nozzles or booster (jet) fans will be used to direct air into the desired tunnel, if required.

Who is the father of metro rail?

Elattuvalapil Sreedharan is a retired Indian Engineering Service (IES) officer popularly known as the “Metro Man.” The civil engineer has led the way for infrastructure projects for more than five decades.

Is Pink Line automatic?

What is the Delhi Airport Metro Express line?

The Delhi Airport Metro Express Line of Delhi Metro runs between New Delhi Metro Station to Dwarka Sector 21. Also known as the Orange Line, the total length of this line is 22.7 Km. The trains travel at up to 135 km/h, instead of up to 80 km/h as on the rest of the metro.

What is the top speed of Delhi Metro Orange Line?

132 km/h top speed. The Orange Line or Delhi Airport Express Line is a Delhi Metro line from New Delhi Metro Station to Dwarka Sector 21, linking Indira Gandhi International Airport. The total length of the line is 22.7 km, of which 15.7 km is underground and 7 km, from Buddha Jayanti Park to Mahipalpur, is elevated.

What are the timings of the Delhi Metro Trains?

The first train departs at 4:45 a.m. from New Delhi Station and at 4.45 a.m. from Dwarka Sector 21. The last train departs at 11:40 p.m. from New Delhi Station and at 11.15 p.m. from Dwarka Sector 21.

Is indigo Delhi Airport Terminal 1 connected to the Delhi Metro?

Domestic Terminal 1 (which handles some IndiGo and Spice Jet flights) is now connected to the Delhi Metro train but on the Magenta Line. This line is NOT part of the Delhi Metro Airport Express Line and doesn’t have the same facilities.

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