What is the full form of ANFD?

What is the full form of ANFD?

Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer (ANFD)

How does agitated nutsche filter work?

When rotated clockwise, it pushes the dry cake towards the vessel wall during each rotation, thus expelling product intermittently out through the side discharge valve. Nutsche filter/dryers can effectively perform the separation of solid matter from a liquid under pressure or vacuum, in a closed system.

What is ANF in pharma?

Agitated Nutsche filter (ANF) is a filtration technique used in applications such as dye, paint, and pharmaceutical production and waste water treatment.

What is Vtd in pharma?

Vacuum Tray Dryer is a static type of dryer used in various industries under vacuum atmosphere to dry temperature sensitive materials as well as pharmaceutical and allied products. It gives complete drying and vaporization of moisture of the product.

What is the principle of vacuum dryer?

Vacuum drying is generally used for the drying of substances that are hygroscopic and heat-sensitive, and is based on the principle of creating a vacuum to decrease the chamber pressure below the vapor pressure of the water, causing it to boil.

What is nutsche filter dryer?

Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer is high-quality equipment designed for solid-liquid separation processes, by filtration under pressure and vacuum drying, for the pharmaceutical, chemical, fine chemical and food industries.

What are the types of API in pharma?

Types of active pharmaceutical ingredients APIs are broadly categorised into two types – synthetic and natural. Synthetic APIs are further classified into innovative and generic synthetic APIs, based on the type of synthesis used.

How API is manufactured?

How an API is manufactured? According to Japanese API producer, Katsura Chemical, “API is not made by only one reaction from the raw materials but rather it becomes an API via several chemical compounds. The chemical compound which is in the process of becoming an API from raw material is called an intermediate.”

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