What is the meaning of jangles?

What is the meaning of jangles?

1a : to cause to sound harshly or inharmoniously. b : to excite to tense irritation jangled nerves. 2 : to utter or sound in a discordant, babbling, or chattering way. jangle. noun.

What is the meaning of bogal?

Definition of bogle dialectal British. : goblin, specter also : an object of fear or loathing.

What is the meaning of ariman?

Ahriman is the evil spirit in Early Iranian Religion, Zoroastrianism, and Zorvanism, Lord of Darkness and Chaos, and the source of human confusion, disappointment, and strife.

Is there such a word as jangle?

verb (used without object), jan·gled, jan·gling. to produce a harsh, discordant sound, as two comparatively small, thin, or hollow pieces of metal hitting together: The charms on her bracelet jangle as she moves. to speak angrily; wrangle.

What does a jangle sound like?

A jangle is similar to a jingle, a ringing, bell-like noise, but it’s typically a bit harsher or more discordant.

How do you spell Bogel?

“Boggle.” Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/boggle. Accessed 4 Jul.

What is the meaning of Blore?

: a roaring wind : blast, bluster.

What does the name Ahriman?

Indian Baby Names Meaning: In Indian Baby Names the meaning of the name Ahriman is: Evil spirit.

Where does the word jangle come from?

jangle (n.) late 13c., “gossip, slanderous conversation, dispute,” from Old French jangle “idle chatter, grumbling, nagging,” from jangler (see jangle (v.)). Meaning “discordant sound” is from 1795.

What are jangled nerves?

Definition of jangled nerves : a nervous and upset state He took a deep breath to try to calm his jangled nerves.

Who created jangle pop?

Early jangle pop: For many rock fans, The Byrds truly began the jangle pop movement—thanks to leader Roger McGuinn’s use of a Rickenbacker 12-string electric guitar. By the 1970s, Memphis indie pop act Big Star created a similar sound.

What’s the difference between jingle and jangle?

The word jingle is also used as a noun to mean a catchy song used to advertise a product, coming into common use in the 1930s. A jangle is also a metallic sound made by objects coming into contact with each other, but it is considered a harsh, unpleasant noise.

What is meant by boggler?

noun. something, as an amazing fact, puzzle, or riddle, that astounds or defeats: The puzzle was a real boggler.

What does boggles my mind mean?

To boggle the mind is to utterly overwhelm or to be extremely difficult to understand or comprehend, typically due to complexity or abnormality. The verb boggle means to overwhelm or bewilder.

What is jangle guitar?

Jangle or jingle-jangle is a sound typically characterized by undistorted, treble-heavy electric guitars (particularly 12-strings) played in a droning chordal style (by strumming or arpeggiating).

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