What is the MRP of Aashirvaad Atta 5kg?

What is the MRP of Aashirvaad Atta 5kg?

Aashirvaad Atta/Godihittu – Whole Wheat, 5 kg Pouch

MRP: Rs 301
Price: Rs 276
You Save: 25
(Inclusive of all taxes)

What is the MRP of Aashirvaad Atta?

Aashirvaad Shudh Chakki Atta, 10kg Pack, 100 % Whole Wheat Atta, 0% Maida

M.R.P.: ₹426.00
Price: ₹379.00 (₹37.90 / kg)
You Save: ₹47.00 (11%)
Inclusive of all taxes

Which company atta is good?

Summary Table: Best Wheat Atta Brands In India

Serial no. Product Name Buy Now On Amazon
1. Aashirvaad Atta Check price here
2. Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta Check price here
3. Ahaar Whole Wheat Atta Check price here
4. Shakti Bhog Chakki Fresh Atta Check price here

What is the price of 10 kg wheat?

10 Kg Wheat Flour, Pack Type: Bag, Rs 28/kilogram Super 29 Foods | ID: 17004306862.

What is price of 1kg wheat in India?

The all-India average retail price of wheat flour or atta was Rs 29.14 per kg on May 8, 2021.

What is flour price in India?

India: The price is 0.69 USD. Flour price, 1 kg, March 2022. India.

Which atta is best for diabetic?

According to Macrobiotic Nutritionist and Health Coach Shilpa Arora, “Amaranth, buckwheat and ragi are the best flours to use in case you are a diabetic. Atta from these flours is low in carbohydrate content that makes it effective to maintain blood sugar levels.

Which is best atta for chapati?

Best Wheat Flour (atta) brands for your family

  • Aashirvaad Atta.
  • Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta.
  • Annapurna Farm Fresh Atta.
  • Hindustan Unilever Limited owns the Annapurna atta brand. Annapurna atta was first introduced in 1998.
  • Shakti Bhog Atta.
  • Nature Fresh Sampoorna Atta by Cargill India.
  • Patanjali Atta.

What is the price of 1 kg flour in Pakistan?

The Lowest price of Maida Flour in Pakistan is Rs. 45 and estimated average price is Rs. 408….Price List.

Model Price
Al Khubz Meda Flour 1 kg Rs. 83
Organic Kitchen’s Maize Flour Rs. 190
Clean & Pure Maida Flour (Maida) – 10Kg Rs. 999
Maida Flour 1 Kg Pack Rs. 150

What is Lal Atta?

Lal Atta (Whole Wheat Flour)

What is the price of 10 kg flour?

Super Saver Wheat Flour (Atta/Godihittu), 10 kg (Fortified)

MRP: Rs 400
Price: Rs 349
You Save: 13%
(Inclusive of all taxes)

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