What is the order of Danielle Steel books?

What is the order of Danielle Steel books?

Max & Martha series

  • Martha’s New Daddy (1989)
  • Max and the Babysitter (1989)
  • Martha’s Best Friend (1989)
  • Max’s Daddy Goes to the Hospital (1989)
  • Max’s New Baby (1989)
  • Martha’s New School (1989)
  • Max Runs Away (1990)
  • Martha’s New Puppy (1990)

What’s Danielle Steel’s new book called?

Danielle Steel’s latest book is called Suspects. It was released on June 28 2022. Her next release will be The Challenge that will be released on June 29 2022.

Are Danielle Steel books worth reading?

With a bibliography list well into the hundreds and more Danielle Steel books published every year, it can be intimidating for new Steel readers to begin reading her novels. But because her novels are full of lovable characters and plots with unexpected yet satisfying twists, it’s well worth the effort.

How many Danielle Steele books are there?

Invisible2022Beautiful2022High Stakes: A Novel2022Zoya1987The Affair2021Complicati…2021
Danielle Steel/Books

How do you read Danielle Steel?

How to Read Danielle Steel Books in Order

  1. Safe Harbour (2003) Image source: Pinterest.
  2. Kaleidoscope (1987) Image source: Pinterest.
  3. Sisters (1986) Image source: Pinterest.
  4. Summer’s End (1979) Image source: Pinterest.
  5. Zoya (1988) Image source: Pinterest.
  6. Malice (1996)
  7. The Promise (1978)
  8. Accidental Heroes (2018)

What is Danielle Steel’s latest paperback?

Danielle Steel is the author of Without a Trace (2023), Suspects (2022), Beautiful (2022), The High Notes (2023), High Stakes (2022) and other 395 books.

What author is similar to Danielle Steel?

Like Danielle Steel? Try these…

  • Deep Harbor. Fern Michaels. Book.
  • A willing murder. Jude Deveraux. Book.
  • Gimme some sugar. Molly Harper. Book.
  • Tightrope. Amanda Quick. Book.
  • More than words. Jill Santopolo. Book.
  • California girls. Susan Mallery. Book.
  • The Goodbye Café Mariah Stewart. Book.
  • Between you & me. Susan Wiggs. Book.

How many books does Danielle Steel have out?

Bibliography. Danielle Steel has written 185 books, including over 141 novels. Her books have been translated into 43 languages and can be found in 69 countries across the globe. Her works consist of novels, non-fiction, picture books, and two series of children’s books: the Max & Martha series and the Freddie series.

What books will Danielle Steel release in 2022?

Danielle Steel

  • April 2022. (hardback) Beautiful.
  • June 2022. (hardback) Suspects.
  • August 2022. (hardback) The Challenge.
  • October 2022. (hardback) The High Notes.
  • November 2022. (hardback) The Whittiers.
  • January 2023. (hardback) Without a Trace.
  • March 2023. (hardback) Worthy Opponents.

What should I read if I like John Sandford?

If you like John Sandford, then here is a list of similar authors

  • Patterson, James. Reason: Like John Sandford, James Patterson writes hard-edged, suspenseful novels of detection.
  • Connelly, Michael.
  • Burke, James Lee.
  • Laukkanen, Owen.
  • Holton, Hugh.
  • Perry, Thomas.
  • McKinty, Adrian.
  • Costantini, Roberto.

What books has Danielle Steel written?

Danielle Steel is an award-winning romance author who has also written a number of picture book series, including Max. What is Danielle Steel’s most popular book? According to Goodreads, Danielle Steel’s most popular book is Safe Harbour, followed by Sisters, The Gift, and Kaleidoscope.

How many books has Danielle Steel written?

Danielle Steel Book List – FictionDB. Danielle Steel is one of the most recognized American authors of all time. She has written 84 novels with over 590 million copies in print in 47 countries and 28 languages. Since 1981, Steel has been on the New York Times Bestseller List, one or more of her novels have been on the list for over 390

How many copies of Danielle Steel books have sold?

You might be forgiven for thinking that the writer Danielle Steel employs an army of scribes. Her productivity certainly gives that impression. Steel has published 179 books since 1973, and every one of her novels has been a bestseller. She has sold 650 million copies worldwide, is translated into 43 languages, and is published in 69 countries.

What was the name of the first book written by Danielle Steel?

In 2005, Danielle Steel also got into an agreement with New Line Home Entertainment that they purchase the film rights of thirty of her novels. These would be turned into DVDs. The title of her first novel is Going Home, published by Pocket Books in 1973 earning her $3500. Unfortunately, the five subsequent books she wrote were rejected.

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