What is the purpose of a plumb cut?

What is the purpose of a plumb cut?

In carpentry, a plumb cut is vertical cut in a rafter or other sloped framing element that will properly align the cut item with a plumb wall.

Do you have to Bird mouth a rafter?

Structurally, a rafter sitting on an angular bearing point (the inclined plane of the ripped strip) would require that the rafter-plate connection deal with the horizontal and vertical components of the force differently than with a birdsmouth.

How do you find a bird’s mouth on a rafter?

Making the Seat & Heel and Tail Cut On the rafter, you want to cut, measure its overall depth, and divide it by 3. Using this figure, measure and mark two points on each side of the vertical line, which indicates where the birdsmouth will be cut.

How far apart are rafter tails?

Standard industry roof rafter spacing is 12”, 16”, 19.2”, and 24” on-center, however other spacing may be used by a Structural Engineer. Depending on all contributing factors though, 16” and 24” are commonly used for most buildings. The wider the space between rafters often results in rafters of greater depth too.

How long do rafter tails need to be?

This number is typically 24″ to 36″. When you get wider than these presented measurements you are getting into the world of architecturally incorrect or structurally incapable.

What is plumb fascia?

Plumb means the cut is parralell with a plumb line dropped to the ground – the same line a drip of rain follows. When teh tails are cut square to the rafter, they are called square cut tails.

What is the cut on the end of a rafter called?

ridge cut
Plumb cut, typically called the ridge cut, at the top end of the rafter.

When making cuts for a birdsmouth What mistake should you avoid?

You have to be careful to make sure that the birdsmouth will not be more than half of the total depth of the rafter. You don’t want your birdsmouth cut to go so deep into the rafter that it weakens the board too much. On the rafter, you want to cut, measure its overall depth, and divide it by 3.

What is birdsmouth plumb?

It is an indentation cut into the rafter which consists of a “seat cut” (the face of which rests on the top plate) and a “heel cut” or “plumb cut” (the face of which lies parallel to the supporting wall), forming a shape resembling a bird’s mouth.

Can you do rafters without birdsmouth?

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