What is the Trafford Centre postcode?

What is the Trafford Centre postcode?

Trafford Centre Post Office | Greater Manchester | M17 8BN.

What street is Trafford Centre?

East Street – The Trafford Centre.

What area is Trafford Centre in?

Greater Manchester
The Trafford Centre is a large indoor shopping centre and leisure complex in Greater Manchester, England. Located in Urmston in the Metropolitan Borough of Trafford, the centre is within the Trafford Park industrial estate, five miles west of Manchester city centre.

Is it free parking at The Trafford Centre?

Do you have to pay to park in the Trafford Centre? No, it is free to park in the Trafford Centre’s official car parks.

Is The Trafford Centre based on the Titanic?

The Great Hall staircase is made of Chicken Red Marble from the Luoyong district of China and was modelled on the staircase of the Titanic. 4. Extensive use has been made of natural stone for the floors of the malls and for the frontages and interiors of the shops.

How do I get to the Trafford Centre?

You can access The Trafford Centre easily via a Metrolink or bus connection from a number of nearby train stations: Manchester Piccadilly: Catch a Metrolink tram from the station or the express X50 or 250 bus from Piccadilly Gardens, a few minutes’ walk away.

Is the Trafford Centre the biggest?

This is a list of the largest shopping centres in the United Kingdom, listed by retail size in square metres (m2). Only centres with space of 65,000 m2 (700,000 sq ft) or more are listed….List of shopping centres in the United Kingdom by size.

Rank 3
Shopping Centre Trafford Centre
City/Town Trafford, Greater Manchester
Region North West
Area (m2) 188,000

Is parking at Trafford Centre free?

Can you leave your car overnight at Trafford Centre?

Hi there, there are no time restrictions for how long you use our car park- you are welcome to leave it with us over night However, please be aware you leave your car at your own risk. If you have anymore queries please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0161 749 1720.

What’s the biggest shopping centre in the UK?

List of shopping centres in the United Kingdom by size

Rank Shopping Centre Area (m2)
1 Westfield London 235,900
2 Metrocentre 192,900
3 Trafford Centre 188,000
4 Westfield Stratford City 184,100

Who bought Selfridges 2021?

“The acquisition of Selfridges Group by Central and Signa is testament to the successful realisation of my father’s vision for an iconic group of beautiful, truly experiential, department stores,” said Alannah Weston, Chairman of Selfridges Group.

Where is Selfridges located?


Selfridges flagship store in London
Founded 1908
Founder Harry Gordon Selfridge
Headquarters 400 Oxford Street London, United Kingdom
Number of locations Four: Oxford Street, London Trafford Centre, Manchester Exchange Sq., Manchester Bullring, Birmingham

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