What is the use of technology in sustainable tourism?

What is the use of technology in sustainable tourism?

Technology for sustainable tourism provides businesses with opportunities for more effective information management, decision making and stakeholder engagement to protect and preserve the natural, economic and socio-cultural and heritage environments (Ali & Frew 2013; 2014).

What is the role of ICT in sustainable development?

ICT is capable of strengthening the means of implementation for the SDGs by fostering international cooperation and coordination, promoting technology transfer and capacity building, strengthening multi-stakeholder partnerships, and enabling data monitoring and accountability.

What does a sustainable ICT environment really mean?

‘ICT sustainability’ is about ensuring that ICT is designed, manufactured, managed and used in a way that minimizes environmental impact and meets the aims of sustainable development. Virtually every stage of the ICT lifecycle has an impact on the environment in some way.

What are the 3 dimensions of sustainable tourism?

The three dimension of Sustainable Tourism Development (STD), namely environmental, economic and social have been carried out with various approaches. Although these three dimensions influence each other and cannot stand on their own, and are assumed to be supportive to each other and compatible.

What are the steps involved to promote ICT social responsibility?

4.1 Create an enabling ICT policy framework that incorporates a holistic CSR strategy within the business model.

  • 4.2 Create incentives for suppliers.
  • 4.3 Implement Standard industry-wide codes.
  • 4.4 Conduct audits for improvement rather than compliance.
  • 4.5 Involve and implement responses from all stakeholders.
  • How the use of ICT has improved the quality of life?

    Thanks to technology, it’s now easier to go to work or perform household chores. There are various gadgets and equipment that help people live their lives more conveniently. It has also influenced various fields in today’s society, such as transportation, education, and medicine.

    What are some benefits of information technology?

    Let’s look at the advantages of IT as they affect your business.

    • Increased Data Security.
    • Information Technology Can Help Your Business Save Money.
    • Information Technology Benefits Communication.
    • Improved Productivity.
    • A Wider Talent Net is One of the Biggest Advantages of Information Technology.

    What are the 5 factors to consider for effective tourism planning?

    [43] identified five factors of a stakeholder’s understanding of sustainable tourism development: (1) natural resources; (2) planning; (3) economic concerns; (4) educational needs; and (5) awareness of tourism.

    What are the environmental factors that influence tourist decisions?

    They are: 1) Physical environment, which are related to physical facilities and surroundings; 2) Human interaction environment, which are primarily interactions between tourists and service providers; 3) Individual characteristics, which involve personality type and sensitivity to the environment, influence how …

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