What is verrucous epidermal hyperplasia?

What is verrucous epidermal hyperplasia?

A VEN consists of hyperplasia of the epidermis and typically appears as verrucous papules or well-demarcated papillomatous plaques that are skin-colored to brown. These tumors can be located anywhere, including the head, trunk, or extremities.

What is epidermal hyperplasia?

Synonyms: ‘hyperplastic epidermal layer’ Definition: increase in the number of normal cells in normal arrangement in the epidermis, typically resulting in increased thickness.

What does verrucous mean?

adjective. of, pertaining to, marked by, or like a wart or warts.

What causes verrucous hyperplasia?

There have been various factors implicated in the pathogenesis of verrucous hyperplasia including poor fitting prosthesis, suction socket prosthesis, venous stasis and friction and superimposed bacterial infections.

Is verrucous hyperplasia curable?

Verrucous carcinoma usually is cured with appropriate therapy. However, recurrence of cutaneous carcinoma with clear surgical margins has been reported.

What is epithelial hyperplasia?

Epithelial hyperplasia can arise from the ovarian surface epithelium or from the rete ovarii. This lesion is characterized by aggregates of tubular structures or clefts lined by a cuboidal to columnar epithelium and may form cystic and/or papillary structures (Figure 26.11).

What are the types of hyperplasia?

There are four types of endometrial hyperplasia. The types vary by the amount of abnormal cells and the presence of cell changes. These types are: simple endometrial hyperplasia, complex endometrial hyperplasia, simple atypical endometrial hyperplasia, and complex atypical endometrial hyperplasia.

What does hyperplasia indicate?

An increase in the number of cells in an organ or tissue.

What causes verrucous?

Verrucous carcinoma is a rare and highly treatable cancer that usually occurs in your mouth (oral cavity) and occasionally on your genitals or feet. People who smoke, chew tobacco or drink a lot of alcohol are at higher risk for this cancer. Symptoms include mouth sores.

What is verrucous features?

Verrucous carcinoma (also known as Ackerman tumor) is an uncommon exophytic low-grade well-differentiated variant of squamous cell carcinoma. This neoplasm typically involves the oral cavity, larynx, genitalia, skin, and esophagus.

Is verrucous keratosis cancerous?

Cryosurgery is commonly used for many benign (non-cancerous) growths (such as seborrheic keratosis, verruca vulgaris, verrucous keratosis and lentigines) and pre-cancerous growths (actinic keratosis).

How is verrucous hyperplasia treated?

Wide excision and skin or mucosa grafting has been the primary form of therapy for verrucous hyperplasia and verrucous carcinoma. But those with wide involvement often make the procedures complicated. A simple management, shave excision followed by simple cryosurgery, is presented.

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