What music do you play during dinner at a wedding?

What music do you play during dinner at a wedding?

Classic Rock, Soft Rock, and Alternative Songs To Play During Dinner. Candles and soft dinner music really set the scene for this beautiful wedding reception.

Should you play music during dinner at wedding?

Once they’re done giving their speech, music can resume. Music for dinner should be played at a low volume so your guests can talk amongst each other. R&B, Jazz, or easy listening would be good during dinner. Toasts/Speeches – During the toasts and speeches, music should not be played.

What kind of music do you play at cocktail hour?

Whether you’re having live musicians or a DJ perform at your cocktail hour, some music pros prefer to play instrumentals (songs without lyrics) for this reason. This is a great time to play more classic favorites, jazz tunes, or songs that, while beautiful, aren’t particularly easy to dance to.

What songs are in cocktail hour?

Best Cocktail Hour Songs

  • “Got to Give It Up (Part 1),” by Marvin Gaye.
  • “For Once in My Life,” by Stevie Wonder.
  • “ABC,” by the Jackson 5.
  • “Do You Love Me,” by The Contours.
  • “Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me),” by the Temptations.
  • “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You),” by Marvin Gaye.

How do you pick music for a cocktail hour?

The songs played at your cocktail hour can be determined by who you are as a couple and the guests you invite. Keep your audience in mind by selecting songs that can be enjoyed by all age ranges as well as by the types of family and friends in attendance.

Is there usually music during cocktail hour?

While there is no rule stating that your wedding cocktail hour should be accompanied by background music, we like to consider it an important part of the event. Adding cocktail hour to the wedding’s order of events can help guests seamlessly transition from ceremony to reception.

What music is played at cocktail hour?

What songs are played during cocktail hour?

What kind of music is played during cocktail hour?

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