What size friction hinge do I need?

What size friction hinge do I need?

To Measure the Stack Height of an Existing Friction Hinge: With the friction hinge fully closed so that all of the arms are stacked on top of each other, measure from the bottom arm of the stay to the top arm. This measurement is the stack height. The standard stack heights for friction hinges are 13mm and 17mm.

Whats the difference between side hung and top hung friction hinges?

This one confuses everyone! Side hung window hinges are fixed to the top and bottom of the window. Top hung window hinges are fitted to the sides of the window (left and right).

How do I know what window hinges to buy?

Check the hanging of your window.

  1. If the handle is on the SIDE of the window, you need SIDE Hung Window hinges.
  2. If the handle is at the BOTTOM of the the window you need TOP HUNG hinges.

What is a window friction hinge?

Friction stay hinges are a variable window hinge which enables the secure opening and closing of windows. As the name suggests, an adjustable friction slide helps to hold the window in an open position.

How does a friction hinge work?

A friction hinge works by creating a specific tolerance in between the mechanical components. It works based on the principle of torque that can be achieved by applying a desired amount of force. Some other additions to these hinges such as lubricants or springs produce friction in them.

Where are friction hinges used?

Friction hinges are excellent components for holding laptop screens, shop cabinets, and commercial doors open and at the desired angle. If a traditional hinge were used, lids, doors, and equipment panels wouldn’t stay open or upright, but would slam shut because no friction or resistance would be present.

What is a window friction stay?

How easy is it to replace window hinges?

Window hinges aren’t difficult to adjust or replace on a straightforward window. That said, getting a professional in can save you a lot of trouble measuring the hinges, selecting the right kinds and getting your head around the job.

What do you put on window hinges?

Window hinges will naturally need lubricating over time, due to regular use and the build up of dust and household grime. Look no further than WD-40® Multi-Use Product. It protects metal from rust and corrosion, penetrates stuck parts, displaces moisture and lubricates almost anything.

What are friction hinges used for?

A friction hinge, or torque hinge, is a specialty hinge that gives resistance to the pivoting motion. These hinges are typically used to control motion or hold a pivoting object opened or closed.

What is meant by friction hinge?

A torque or friction hinge is a hinge that offers resistance to the pivoting motion. That resistance can be such that it slows the movement for reasons of safety or aesthetics or that it actually arrests movement to the extent that the pivoting object is held motionless in the chosen position.

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