What was the main cause of the Afghanistan war?

What was the main cause of the Afghanistan war?

After the Taliban government refused to hand over terrorist leader Osama bin Laden in the wake of al-Qaeda’s September 11, 2001, attacks, the United States invaded Afghanistan.

What is the Taliban simple words?

The Taliban is a brutal, fundamentalist religious group that held power over most of Afghanistan during the late 1990s. The word Taliban comes from tālib, “student” in Arabic, as the group was started by Pakistani religious school students in the mid-1990s.

Is there a valid Afghan strategy for Pakistan?

A valid Afghan strategy cannot be separate from what happens in Pakistan. Afghanistan and Pakistan are so different that the US must effectively coordinate two different strategies to achieve common ends. At the same time, it is clear that Afghanistan’s future will play a critical role in defining Pakistan’s security and vice versa.

What is the “more troops and counterinsurgency” strategy in Afghanistan?

The public discussion of the “more troops and counterinsurgency” strategy has become decoupled from the civil effort. It focus on the size of the US military forces to the near exclusion of the need to cope with the weaknesses in the Afghan government, and deal with the problems in ISAF and the international aid effort.

What should AHA strategy for Afghanistan look like?

A strategy for Afghanistan should be based on a full understanding of all threat activity, particularly an objective assessment of its successes and failures at the ideological and political level, its tools for influencing and controlling the population, and its ability to combine kinetics with strategic communications and political warfare.

How can we address the real world problems in Afghanistan?

Address the real world problems in the UN, national, and NGO aid efforts. The same is true of the failure to coordinate the international economic aid effort and make it relevant to the needs of the Afghan people and warfighting. Far too much of this effort acts as if it was post conflict development in spite of the fact it takes place in mid-war.

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