What was Vincent Lingiari early life like?

What was Vincent Lingiari early life like?

His parents were Aboriginal people of Gurindji descent who lived and worked at the British-owned Wave Hill cattle station. Lingiari grew up at the station, and when he was about 12 years old he began to work with the cattle. Over the years he worked his way up to head stockman.

What inspired Vincent Lingiari?

Influenced by Daniels and the film actor Robert Tudawali (both members of the Northern Territory Council for Aboriginal Rights), and by the writer Frank Hardy, Lingiari was happy to add his voice to the emerging cause of ‘land rights’.

Where was Vincent Lingiari born and what was his early life like?

Early Life According to government records Lingiari was born in 1919 at Victoria River Gorge in the Northern Territory. His parents were Gurindji people and worked on Wave Hill, a cattle station. He had no formal schooling. By the age of 12 Lingiari was working on Wave Hill as well.

What did Vincent Lingiari say?

In his speech, Lingiari stated that Aboriginal people and all other Australians should now ‘live happily together as mates’ and ‘not fight over anything’.

Who is Vincent Lingiari parents?

He was born at Victoria River Gorge and was raised by his Gurindji parents. Both his father, Vincent Lin and mother worked on the Wave Hill cattle station, where Lingiari would work for the majority of his time.

What challenges did Vincent Lingiari face?

The concerns of Lingiari and the two hundred Gurindji stockmen, house servants and their families who walked with him were two-fold. The poor work conditions and unequal pay was one key reason for the strike. Lingiari’s actions were a call for equal treatment and an end to exclusionary and discriminatory practices.

Who were Vincent Lingiari’s parents?

What tribe was Vincent Lingiari from?

Vincent Lingiari AM (13 June 1908 – 21 January 1988) was an Australian Aboriginal rights activist and member of the Gurindji people. In his early life he started as a stockman at Wave Hill Station, where the Aboriginal workers were given no more than rations, tobacco and clothing as their payment.

When was Vincent Lingiari born?

June 13, 1908Vincent Lingiari / Date of birth

When did Vincent Lingiari born?

When and where was Vincent Lingiari born?

June 13, 1908, Northern Territory, AustraliaVincent Lingiari / Born

Who was Vincent Lingiari?

Vincent Lingiari (1919?-1988), Aboriginal stockman and land rights leader, was born in 1919, according to government records, at Victoria River Gorge, Northern Territory, son of Gurindji parents.

What was Vincent Lingiari’s education?

Both his mother and his father, also Vincent Lingiari, were employed on the 3500-sq. mile (9065 km²) Vestey-owned cattle station, Wave Hill, established in 1883 by Nathaniel Buchanan. Called Tommy Vincent by his employers, he received no formal education.

What is the story of Lingiari?

At the same time, he was becoming a highly respected Gurindji ‘law boss’. On 23 August 1966, tired of the Aborigines being ‘treated like dogs’ in their own country, Lingiari led two hundred of his people, employees of Wave Hill station, with their families, in a ‘walk-off’.

What is the Lingiari Foundation?

The Lingiari Foundation was formed in 2001 to promote reconciliation and Indigenous rights and to develop Aboriginal leadership; the Vincent Lingiari memorial lecture is delivered annually in Darwin; and the songs From Little Things Big Things Grow, by Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody, and Old Vincent, by Ted Egan, honour his memory.

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