Where can I find a full time maid in Bangalore?

Where can I find a full time maid in Bangalore?

3 Simple Steps to find a reliable Live-in Maid in Bangalore, Bengaluru

  1. Enter the profile as “Live-in Maid” & search location as “Bangalore, Bengaluru”
  2. View best-ranked Live-in Maids around Bangalore, Bengaluru, pay a nominal fee, connect with all & hire any Live-in Maid you like.

Where can I find cook and maid in Bangalore?

Cooks On Hire Bangalore

  1. Santhosh Singh Cook Services. 3.6. 35 Ratings.
  2. Bcs Care Services. 2.9. 38 Ratings.
  3. Clean N Brew (Opc) Private Ltd. 4.5. 190 Ratings.
  4. Yo A to Z Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 3.4.
  5. Rekha Maid Service. 4.2. 75 Ratings.
  6. Prakruthi Services. 3.1. 67 Ratings.
  7. Aryan Maid Services. 4.0. 9 Ratings.
  8. Krishna Enterprises. 3.7. 26 Ratings.

Where can I find a maid in Bangalore Quora?

In Bangalore or anywhere in India you can easily get reliable house maids through kaamkhoj. They provide with reliable house maid services at reasonable prices and according to your requirements….You can find a good house maid in Bangalore by contacting:

  1. Damnrasoi.
  2. Helper4U.
  3. BookmyBai.
  4. Kaamkhoj.

Where can I get house help in Bangalore?

Best Domestic Help Services in Bangalore as on Jul 10, 2022

  1. J. JMJ old Age Home Trust. Mahalakshmi Layout, Bangalore, 560086.
  2. G. Global Health Care Services.
  3. A. AnK Senior Citizen & Healthcare Home.
  4. H. Health first.
  5. V. Vedhanth Home Nursing Helpline.
  6. S. Sunshine Medical Care.
  7. B. Bangalore Home Health Care.
  8. U. Usuru Foundation.

How much do you pay a maid in Bangalore?

Pricing Chart of Maid Service

Service Hours Approximate Cost
8 hours Rs. 9000 to Rs. 10000
10 hours Rs. 10000 to Rs. 12000
12 hours Rs. 12000 to Rs. 15000
24 hours Rs. 20000 to Rs. 30000

What is the cost of full time maid in Bangalore?

How much should I pay a Cook in Bangalore?

Normal cooking of food for two times a day will cost 2000-3000 maximum per month. Generally they may cook breakfast and dinner. including cleaning it might cost 5000-6000 maximum.

How much should I pay a maid in Bangalore?

How much does a full time maid cost in Bangalore?

How do I choose a domestic helper?

How to Choose the Right Helper?

  1. Reason for Hiring. Having a clear understanding of why you need a domestic helper before you get started with the hiring process can help you to assess better and select your compatible helper.
  2. Credibility of Agency.
  3. Background of Helper.
  4. Personality.
  5. Language and Culture.

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