Where can I listen to jazz in Denver?

Where can I listen to jazz in Denver?


  • #4 DAZZLE.
  • #7 HERB’S.
  • #9 LIVE @ JACK’S.

Does Denver have a jazz scene?

Although Denver isn’t a city usually associated with the creation of a specific genre of music, the city has a thriving jazz scene that continues to give birth to more and more fresh blood and young talent. Jazz is well and very much alive in Denver!

Who owns Dazzle Denver?

Donald Rossa
It’s taught us to do what we do best, and push all that other stuff to the side,” said Donald Rossa, 62, the longtime owner of Dazzle, Denver’s flagship jazz club that’s celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2022.

What station is Kuvo jazz?

Tune in at 89.3 FM Denver, 89.7 FM Breckenridge, 88.5 FM Vail. Since 1985, KUVO – an independent, public radio station – has provided a rare blend of music and news.

What channel is Kuvo?

KUVO/KVJZ public radio, affiliated with NPR and a part of Rocky Mountain PBS, has served the community since 1985 with jazz, blues, news and a weekend lineup of culturally rich diverse programming. The station is on 89.3FM Denver, 89.7FM Breckenridge, 88.5FM Vail and online at kuvo.org.

Who owns Dazzle Jazz?

After four years of business Donald Rossa, the current owner, was brought in as a partner in 2001. This was the beginning of a new era for Dazzle. Between Donald’s business savvy and Karen and Miles’ love for jazz, a complete vision was able to become a reality and thus a true Jazz Supper Club was born in 2002.

What is Kuvo pioneer?

Pioneer DJ have unveiled KUVO, an iOS/Android app and website that provides real-time information on what DJs are playing in clubs. KUVO offers users the chance to know what DJs are playing at clubs hooked up to the app’s network.

How do I log into rekordbox?

Firstly, select performance mode on the top left corner. Click on the “Log in” button next to the SoundCloud node in the Rekordbox browser in order to “Sign in” or “Start Trial”.

How do DJs pay royalties?

When a DJ plays live at a venue and mixes a collection of tracks, the venue usually pays the licensing fees for the songs that the DJ’s play, 99% of the time, to a Performing Rights Organisation (PRO for short). In the U.S., this is an organisation like ASCAP or BMI (in my country, Australia, it’s called APRA AMCOS).

While the spot had been an important part of Denver’s jazz legacy, there are still some venues carrying that torch, such as Dazzle, Nocturne and Herb’s, while The Muse Performance Space is keeping jazz alive in Lafayette (about a half an hour from downtown Denver) and Lincoln’s Roadhouse is a hot spot for the blues.

owner Donald Rossa
After two and half years, owner Donald Rossa solidified plans to move to the historic Baur’s Building. The venue is on the National Register of Historic Places and has been home to live music for only a few years now — a tradition it hopes to continue.

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