Which are the team in CCL?

Which are the team in CCL?


Team Industry Captain
Karnataka Bulldozers Kannada/Sandalwood Sudeep
Mumbai Heroes Hindi/Bollywood Bobby Deol
Bengal Tigers Bengali/Tollywood Jisshu Sengupta
Telugu Warriors Telugu/Tollywood Akkineni Akhil

Who is the captain of Bengal tigers?

Bengal Tigers Owners & Staffs: Captain: Jisshu Sengupta.

Who is the winner of CCL 6?

CCL Celebrity Cricket League Winners List of All Seasons

S.No. Winners Team Year
3 Karnataka Bulldozers 2013
4 Karnataka Bulldozers 2014
5 Telugu Warriors 2015
6 2016

Who is the owner of Bangla Tigers t10?

owner Mohammad Yasin Chowdhury
I am thankful to Yasin Bhai (Bangla Tigers owner Mohammad Yasin Chowdhury) for thinking about me and scripting this association. I am looking forward to meeting up and working with everyone,” said Azharuddin.

Which cricket team is called the Tigers?

Pakistan national cricket team

Nickname(s) Shaheens (Falcons) Green Shirts Men in Green Cornered Tigers
Association Pakistan Cricket Board
Captain Babar Azam
Coach Saqlain Mushtaq

Who is owner of Deccan gladiators?

owner Gaurav Grover
Ahead of their Qualifier 1 match against Delhi Bulls on Friday, Deccan Gladiators team owner Gaurav Grover expressed that he is certain the Gladiators will reach the Final. “This time, everything has gone the way we wanted. We got the players we wanted during the Players Draft.

Who is the owner of Delhi Bulls?

Owned by the Neelesh Bhatnagar, one of the most successful entrepreneurs and respected businessmen in the region, Delhi Bulls boasts of the finest international cricketers, coaches and management and was the runner-up in the last season, earlier this year.

What is a nickname of Pakistan cricket team?

the Shaheens
The Pakistan national cricket team, often referred to as the Shaheens ( lit. ‘Falcons’), Green Shirts, Men in Green and Cornered Tigers is administered by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Who is the lion of cricket in India?

Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni – Two lions of Indian cricket.

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