Which is the prettiest of the Greek islands?

Which is the prettiest of the Greek islands?

Santorini. In Santorini the blue of the sea blends with the blue of the sky and the blue roofs of the houses. This island, ranked among the best destinations for a honeymoon in Europe, is also one of the most beautiful Greek islands. The easiest way is to book a direct flight to Santorini.

What are the most popular islands to visit in Greece?

Best Greek Islands

  • Santorini.
  • Corfu.
  • Crete.
  • Hydra.
  • Kefalonia.
  • Naxos.
  • Mykonos.
  • Skopelos.

Which is better Santorini or Athens?

Santorini and Athens are similar when it comes to walkability. Santorini is a somewhat walkable place. Many towns on the island are walkable, including Fira, but the actual island is too large to explore on foot. Athens is a very walkable destination.

Which island is better Crete or Santorini?

Crete has more small traditional (non-touristy) villages. Santorini is more romantic and better suited to a honeymoon. Santorini has better and more unique luxury hotels. Fira (in Santorini) and Chania and Heraklion (in Crete) all have excellent clubs and nightlife.

Which is better Mykonos or Corfu?

When we compare the travel costs of actual travelers between Mykonos and Corfu, we can see that Mykonos is more expensive. And not only is Corfu much less expensive, but it is actually a significantly cheaper destination. So, traveling to Corfu would let you spend less money overall.

Is Kos or Rhodes better?

Rhodes, one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Med, dwarfs its smaller sibling and has an unbeatable choice of resorts and activities. Kos has a more laid-back, small-island atmosphere – the bicycle is still a popular mode of transport, its beaches are more intimate and its resorts less crowded.

Is Crete or Corfu better?

We’d sum it up by saying Crete is better for outdoors adventures and hiking, for out-of-season vacations, and for foodies. Corfu is more classically idyllic, has more family beaches, and is easier to travel to.

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