Who is Suraj Singh Thakuri wife?

Who is Suraj Singh Thakuri wife?

Reshma Amatya
Suraj Singh Thakuri (Nepali: सुरज सिंह ठकुरी) is a television presenter, actor, director and producer. He is currently an Chief Executive Producer in Kantipur Television Network….

Suraj Singh Thakuri
Born 5 November 1979 Kathmandu
Spouse(s) Reshma Amatya ​ ( m. 2007)​
Show Its My Show with Suraj Singh Thakuri

How old is Suraj Singh Thakuri?

42 years (November 5, 1979)Suraj Singh Thakuri / Age

What caste is thakuri?

Thakuri (Nepali: ठकुरी) is a caste in Nepal. Thakuri traditionally constituted the ruling and warrior classes….Thakuri.

Nepali: ठकुरी
Regions with significant populations
Nepal 425,623 (1.6% of Nepal’s population)
Nepali language,

Is Thakuri royal caste?

Is Thakuri a Brahmin?

Technically Thakuri belong to Chhetri caste. Thakuri is considered to be ruler clan. Its is claimed that Thakuri are originated from Jat of Rajsthan, India. First Thakuri king in Nepal was Ansu-Barma (605-629 AD) who ruled during Lichhivi Period (approx 400-877 AD).

What type of caste is Thakuri?

The Magar are a group of Mongol-faced tribes where all the Gurungs, Dura, Bhujel Gharti, Thakuri, Khawas, Kumal, Bote, Dura, Kusunda, Raute, Chepang, etc. of the Gandak region are sub-castes of the same caste.

Is Thakuri a Chhetri?

Who is the first king of Thakuri clan?

Raghava Deva is said to have founded a ruling dynasty in 879 CE, when the Lichhavi rule came to an end. To commemorate this important event, Raghava Deva started the ‘Nepal Era’ which began on 20 October, 879 CE.

When was Dayahang Rai born?

April 13, 1980 (age 42 years)Dayahang Rai / Date of birth

Dayahang was born on April 13, 1980 in a remote village in Bhojpur district in Eastern Nepal. He belonged to a middle-class family of seven members. His father had two wives. Dayahang has two younger sisters and an elder brother – Bidur Lamichhane Rai.

What caste is Thakuri?

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