Who is the sheriff of Cleburne County Arkansas?

Who is the sheriff of Cleburne County Arkansas?

Sheriff Chris Brown
The Office Administration Division consists of 5 employees and is under the direct supervision of Sheriff Chris Brown.

What is a body attachment warrant in Arkansas?

A Body Attachment orders and directs law enforcement officers to seize the body of the person named in the order and hold that person in custody pending further orders of the court.

Is Cleburne County Arkansas a dry county?

The county seat and most populous city is Heber Springs. The county was formed on February 20, 1883, as the last of Arkansas’s 75 counties to be formed. It is named for Confederate Major-General Patrick Cleburne. Cleburne is an alcohol prohibition or dry county.

What county is Heber Springs AR in?

Cleburne CountyHeber Springs / County

What is a sheriff’s bond Arkansas?

The purpose of your Indemnity to Sheriff Bond is to protect law enforcement officers who are seizing property on orders of the court. The bond guarantees payment or reimbursement to law enforcement officers if they experience losses or damages or if they incur while seizing the property.

What does capias attachment of the body mean?

Civil Capias Warrant – A civil capias warrant is a special type of apprehension order, issued in civil court cases where the defendant repeatedly fails to comply with the judge’s orders. These are also called Body Attachments and Mittimuses, and are slightly different from Criminal Warrants.

What is the racial makeup of Heber Springs Arkansas?

Heber Springs Demographics White: 95.30% Black or African American: 1.76% Two or more races: 1.55% Asian: 0.84%

What region is Cleburne County in?

Cleburne County

Region: Northeast
County Seat: Heber Springs
Established: February 20, 1883
Parent Counties: Independence, Van Buren, White
Population: 24,711 (2020 Census)

What does no bond mean in Arkansas?

June 24, 2016. A “no bond” or “zero bond” means that no bond or bail has been set for the defendant. There can be various reasons for this. A judge may not yet have had a chance to set a bond, or a judge has determined that bond should not be set.

What does writ of body mean?

A writ of body attachment is a process issued by the court directing the U.S. Marshal to bring a person who has been found in civil contempt before the court. The process may also be called an order of commitment for civil contempt or a warrant for civil arrest.

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